Q&A with Marc Chaikin & Nick Webb on Chaikin Analytics’ Big Win at the 2017 Benzinga Awards

What a night! The 2017 Benzinga FinTech Awards, held last Thursday, May 11th in New York City, gathered together the nation’s most exciting fintech leaders under one roof to honor innovation leaders across the industry. Chaikin Analytics was excited to be part of it allーbut even more excited to win.

Around 7:00 p.m., Founder and CEO Marc Chaikin was called onstage to accept Chaikin Analytics’ award for “Best Trading Idea Platform, Tool, or App.”  

Over 300 companies from all over the world applied for the 18 awards given at this year’s 2017 Benzinga Awards gala. The event itself is held in SoHo and attended by some of the nation’s largest VC firms, hedge funds, brokerages, and media.

Founder and CEO Marc Chaikin and Nick Webb, EVP of Business Development, were there to represent Chaikin Analytics live on Thursday night. They agreed to share some of their highlights of the event:

What were some of your personal highlights of the 2017 Benzinga Awards gala?

Nick Webb: It was connecting with literally over one hundred people at the event, and finding common ground to work with many of them. It was an amazing event.

Marc Chaikin: My personal highlight was getting the recognition for the Chaikin team by winning the award for “Best Trading Idea Platform.”

Chaikin Analytics set up a booth to demo the new Chaikin Discovery feature. What was the reaction at the event?

Nick: It was universally positive. Not only the reaction to the Chaikin Discovery Engine, but also the way it fits in with all of the other features of Chaikin Analytics. The idea that the Chaikin Discovery Engine is the Pandora application for stocks was very well received.

Why do you think fintech is such an exciting industry at the moment?

Marc: Fintech is an exciting industry right now because there’s a whole new generation of investors coming into the marketplace, known as millennials. They have a completely different perspective than their parents, and it’s starting to shake up the industry.

Nick: Fintech is going to solve some of the biggest problems in the financial industry, and take away a lot of the friction. There are so many problems to solve, and fintech is in a hurry to do that.

Marc, you were part of the Benzinga panel, “Wall Street 2025: How Technology Will Transform Finance.” What do you see as the biggest opportunity for tech innovation in finance over the next decade?

Marc: The biggest opportunity is going to be combining actionable ideas with a great user experience, delivered on a mobile device.

Finally, what’s the best piece of insight you walked away with after the event?

Nick: For me, it was realizing how many pieces of our core technology fit so well with multiple other firms in the industry, and seeing that there are a lot of opportunities.

Marc: Keep innovating, because there are lot of really talented people creeping up behind you.