5 Best Highlights From Jim Cramer & Marc Chaikin’s Live Webcast, “How to Play the Markets in 2018”

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On Wednesday, November 7th, Chaikin Analytics CEO & Founder Marc Chaikin joined forces with Jim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad Money for a live webcast the day after Election Day 2018. They discussed what the election results mean for the market looking ahead to 2019, as well as their favorite (and not-so-favorite) stocks.

Over 7,000 traders and investors registered, making this a historically huge event for us!
Missed it? Here’s a quick recap of some of the best highlights.


1. Healthcare is On Fire, Drug Stocks Are a Double Play

“Right now, I want to go to healthcare because it’s on fire.” said Jim Cramer. Our two experts agree: much of healthcare is looking very bullish right now.

“I love the drug stocks,” said Marc. “I think there’s a double play here. They’re defensive so if the market weakens—which I don’t think it will—then that’s where money has been flowing. But there’s also a growth play in Medicaid and I think you’re seeing that in stocks like UNH and CNC.”


2. Beware of the FANGs

The FANG stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) are no longer the powerhouse they once were.

“Facebook, I think, has seen its day in the sun,” said Marc. They were a little more favorable on Amazon. As for Netflix? “I’m so bearish on Netflix . . . the Chaikin Power Gauge turned bearish in July and then it started under-performing the market.”


3. The Elephant in the Room: Apple

Is Apple a buy or sell? Well, it’s not that easy. Marc and Jim Cramer have mixed feelings on Apple. “The Chaikin Power Gauge turned bearish on Apple, and the reason it turned bearish is the experts. When Tim Cooke said we’re not going to give out metrics anymore, a lot of analysts really shut down,” said Marc. He went on to say that if you do decide to buy Apple, don’t expect it to be a layup.


4.  Strong Headwinds for Boeing

Jim Cramer, Marc, and the Chaikin Power Gauge all agree on Boeing.

“I love Boeing,” said Marc. “It’s positioned to make a new high . . . And you’ve got two headwinds. You’ve got the tariff war and a strong dollar, and yet Boeing looks like a million bucks.”


5. Retail is a Mixed Shopping Bag

Lower-end retail is looking good better than high-end retail right now. When asked by Jim Cramer, “What’s your take on retail?” Marc said, “My take on retail is, it’s gotta be off-price. TJ Maxx Kohl’s, Ross stores, that’s where the action is.” These are the stocks that are making news highs right now.

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