Anatomy of a Great Stock Pick: The Process Behind Sandy Chaikin’s FICO Selection

Fair Isaac Inc. is a credit reporting company that has had a marvelous run in the market this year. On June 27, Sandy Chaikin saw that there was even more upside with this stock, and made it one of her calls during the evening webinar. She had bought that stock at $300 earlier in the day. The very next day, Chaikin Analytics showed a Money Flow buy signal, and the stock shot up 12 points. It is still going higher—at the time of this writing, FICO is selling at $317.09. 

So what directed Sandy to this stock, and how can you as an investor replicate her success? She followed some very simple rules:

  1. A strong industry

  2. Pick a Very Bullish Stock (using Chaikin Analytics 20 Factor Model) with good Money Flow and Relative Strength

  3. Look for a good Entry Point

When you find all three, don’t hesitate!

And even if that sounds complex, Chaikin Analytics goes a step further! We just introduced our Pre-Trade Checklist. Now, if you look at a chart of FICO, you can see that the checklist would also have given you the critical information you need right at your fingertips (see below). 

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