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Written by Dan Russo, CMT

Profit on the Downside in a Bull or Bear Market

Stocks fall three times faster than they rise—are you profiting from these declines?

With the Bearish Insights newsletter, Chief Market Strategist, Dan Russo, provides you with the best ideas to profit when these big drops happen. These declines are quick and we tell you when to take the trade.

Downside trading is the path less travelled—everyone is focused on picking stocks that go up. Smart investors can capitalize on this less crowded playing field.

The most successful investors don’t care where profits comes from—upside or downside—as long as there are profits . . . and if you can make money on the downside in a bull market, imagine how large your profits will be in a bear market!

ITW – Illinois Tool Works

ITW is a great example—Dan flagged ITW as a stock that was going to run on the downside. This call was made on June 20, 2018.

On July 23rd, 2018, ITW reported poor earnings and the stock plummeted. It was down 7% on the day, when Dan sent a special alert (see below) to subscribers to take their profits.

If you were following Dan in June, you could have made over 10% in a little over a month.Had you taken options positions, your profit would have multiplied even more. That is just one example. Since Dan has been running Mastering the Bear, he has closed out 13 trades and 10 have been winners —that’s in a rising market!

Here is another example:

TRMB – Trimble Inc.

Dan called out TRMB as a short on March 21, 2018, when it was trading at 37.55. Six weeks later, Dan closed this position when it was trading at 33.94—a 9.6% profit! Not only did he call the entry, but the exit was a great call as well, allowing you to capture the whole gain!

So, how does it work?

At Chaikin Analytics, we harness a disciplined process that has worked repeatedly. We put this time-tested model, and two veteran technicians (Dan Russo and Marc Chaikin) on your investing team so that you can generate large profits!

Telltale signs alert our seasoned analysts that a stock is about to plunge. Rely on Dan Russo and Marc Chaikin to give you the right stocks in time to take advantage of the call.

Each week, our Chief Market Strategist, Dan Russo (CMT) hand picks the best bearish plays, and delivers them straight to your inbox. Dan utilizes the Chaikin Power Gauge rating, which insures that the fundamentals are negative, combined with technical signals that highlight stocks on the edge of a cliff, before they fall.

In addition to your weekly Bearish Insights newsletter, which highlights the best bearish trades and strategy to profit and includes a bearish idea weekly, you’ll also receive:

Intra-Week Email Alerts Including Timely New Recommendations
When Dan spots an immediate opportunity to capitalize on a trade, he sends out a special alert just for you.

Weekly Members-Only Downside Trading Forum
Each week, Dan will pinpoint weak stocks, sectors, and industry groups.

A 5-Part Downside Investing Video Training Course
In each video, you will be taken through a different aspect of downside investing. Watch this training at your own pace and learn from Wall Street legend, Marc Chaikin, Dan Russo, and our in-house options expert, Josh Mindlin.

Plus, with your subscription to the Bearish Insights newsletter, you get complete access to the exclusive Mastering the Bear investing platform, powered by Chaikin Analytics.
This application lets you sort through bearish Ideas on your own, and take advantage of Chaikin Analytics’ proprietary Chaikin Power Gauge rating.

For example, on July 24, Whirlpool (WHR) was on the highlighted Best Bears List and traded down 14% in ONE day. Can you imagine if you had bought short term puts?

Another example is TUP. TUP, also on the Best Bears, list dropped 14% after missing earnings on July 25th. These ideas will make you money!

This Mastering the Bear application includes:

• Complete access to the Chaikin Power Gauge rating: our proprietary model that combines 20 factors into one easy-to-understand rating

• Our award winning Discovery Engine: instantly find stock ideas with one click of the mouse, like Pandora for stocks

• 8 rules-based idea lists, such as “Best Bear Ideas, Large Cap Bears, and Upcoming Earnings Bears”
Alerts, Power Gauge reports, and more!

One profitable trade will pay for this service.

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• COMPLETE ACCESS to Mastering the Bear, which gives you access to the Chaikin Power Gauge rating, an idea Discovery Engine, 8 rules-based idea lists, and more!

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