Executive Secrets to Building a Successful Advisor Practice

Executive Secrets to Building a Successful Advisor Practice [Video]

What does it take to build a successful financial services business from the ground up? Three major industry players recently sat down with Jim Bauer of MainStCEO to share their insights.

In the video below, Chaikin Investments’ Founder and CEO, Marc Chaikin, joins Ron Carson, Founder & CEO of Carson Group Holdings, and Irv Rosenzweig, President and Chief Investment Officer of RZ Wealth for a conversation on growing a business.

They discuss how business owners can transform a failure into an opportunity, why it’s crucial to put the client at the core of the business, strategies for demographic targeting, and much more.

Most importantly, they reveal what business owners in financial services need to know in order to be successful long-term.

Marc Chaikin shares, “In a business, it’s very easy to put your feet in cement and say ‘we’ve got the answers, we’ve got the products, we’ve got the right customer acquisition methodology,’ but you’ve got to be prepared to pivot based on where you see things going.”


Watch the full video here:

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