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Coke or Pepsi: Which Stock is better?

Back in the 80’s, these two large caps (Coke stock and Pepsi stock) were core holding for virtually everyone. At that point, the answer would have been both stocks are great! Warren Buffet was beginning to ride the long-term ride upwards with Coke. It was touted as one of the great value stocks of the decade. Pepsi stock was right there alongside it. Both were great companies, well run with terrific brand names.

Despite both companies’ delicious beverages and snacks, they recently have not lit the market on fire. In fact, during a period of enormous overall market gains, these two companies have tread water.

Chaikin Analytics has Pepsi rated as Neutral while Coca Cola is rated Very Bearish.

While Earnings for Pepsi are not growing, and Financials are weak, Estimates looks like they may have more potential in the future.

Coke (overall Very Bearish) on the other hand has really nothing to feel optimistic about. Financials are weak, Earnings, and Estimates are all weak.

So as Ray Charles once said, Pepsi stock is the “Right One, Baby”! But in general, neither of these two look like they are breaking out in the near future!

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