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Earnings Alerts

Earnings Reports and Consensus Estimate revisions generate Alerts, which are shown in the Alert Window accessible from the EPS icon in the Watchlist:

  • Bullish & Bearish Earnings Surprises. Companies which have reported quarterly EPS different from the analyst consensus estimate, since the last trading day.
  • Bullish & Bearish Estimate Revisions. Companies whose consensus earnings estimate for the upcoming quarter has changed (by at least $.02 and 2%), since the last trading day.

These Alerts should be considered a “call to attention”, if you own or are considering trading a stock. They are described in depth in the Watchlist section.

Note: Remember that Earnings Alerts are generated from S&P data, which uses their “BNRI” methodology – so the numbers, while more consistent overall, may not always match what you see on CNBC or elsewhere. This does not mean they are “wrong”, just that they have been normalized for more consistency across stocks.