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Earnings Surprises

For 5 trading days after an Earnings report, the EPS icon in the Watchlist will turn green, red, or black depending on whether actual Earnings beat, missed, or matched the consensus estimate. If there was an Earnings Surprise, you will see a Surprise icon (“!“).

Hover over an EPS icon for detail about the completed Earnings report, including:
  • Report Date
  • Fiscal Quarter reported
  • Quarterly EPS reported & change vs. 1 year ago
  • Quarterly Revenue reported & change vs. 1 year ago
  • Consensus Estimate
  • Amount by which the reported EPS missed or beat the estimate.

Chart Header

If the stock you are charting has reported Earnings within the past 5 trading days, you will see information about the most recent report in the Chart Header:

  • Report Date
  • Actual Reported Quarterly EPS
  • Consensus Estimate at time of report
  • A Bullish Earnings Surprise (actual EPS greater than estimate) will be colored green.
  • A Bearish Earnings Surprise (actual EPS less than estimate) will be colored red.

Hover over the “EPS” icon to see Earnings Detail.