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Chaikin uses Earnings information from two different sources – both industry-leading providers, though their methodologies differ in some cases.


Earnings and Estimate data displayed in most Chaikin applications is sourced from S&P. S&P uses a proprietary reporting methodology (S&P) which can differ from the typically reported “Street Estimates” and “Street EPS”, but makes values more consistent across stocks and time.

We receive 3 types of Earnings-related information from S&P:
  • Quarterly Earnings Reports are processed nightly. They include newly reported EPS values for the current quarter and fiscal year, and are used to generate:
    • Earnings Surprise Hot Lists
    • Earnings Icons
    • Earnings information in the Chart Header.
    • Earnings Surprise Alerts.

    Earnings Reports are also received at multiple times during the trading day—these intraday updates can generate Earnings Surprise Alerts, Earnings icons, and will affect Chart header information. Earnings Surprise Hotlists will be updated the following morning.

  • Consensus Estimate Revisions are processed nightly. These include changes to the average Analyst EPS Estimate for the current reporting quarter. (We do not process estimates from individual analysts.) These are used to generate:
    • Earnings Estimate Icons
    • Earnings Revision Alerts
    • Earnings Revision Hot Lists.
  • Company Fundamentals. Basic company fundamental information – including current and historical EPS and Estimate data – is updated daily prior to market open. It is used for:
    • Stock Detail in the Chart Header
    • Historical Earnings on the Chart
    • Tables in Power Gauge Reports and Portfolio Health Check
    • Earnings Report Dates in the Screener.

S&P Compustat

Data used in the Chaikin Power Gauge model is provided by our portfolio modeling vendor Portfolio123, which sources its data from S&P Compustat. Information is updated daily after each trading day, prior to the next market open, and is used to generate:

  • Inputs to the Chaikin Power Gauge stock rating
  • Power Gauge component and factor “slider” displays
  • Language derived from factor values in Chaikin Power Gauge Reports.