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Comparison Chart

The Comparison Chart shows relative performance of selected ETFs over a time period, indexed to a starting point.

Six month performance is shown by default, or you can select Week, Month, 3 month, Year, or Year-To-Date.


ETF Summary & Holdings

Click on an ETF in the Comparison Table to display its Summary and Top Holdings breakdown.


The Summary at left recaps the ETF’s recent performance, Power Bar score, and key information.

  • Holds. Type of assets held by the ETF.
  • Strategy. Long, Short, Leveraged or a combination of these.
  • Management. Active or Passive.
  • Dividend Yield. Annual dividend yield of the ETF.
  • Assets. Total assets under management in the fund. Proceed with caution before investing in funds with very low assets.
  • Avg Daily Vol. Average daily shares of the ETF traded over the past month. Be more cautious when considering investing in illiquid ETFs.
  • Beta. A measure of correlation between the ETF and the S&P 500, ranging between -1 and 1.


Top Holdings

The Top Holdings breakdown at right shows a list and chart of the ETF’s top 7 holdings by weight.

Click “See all in Workspace” to switch to the Workspace, with all of the ETF’s holdings displayed in the Watchlist.

Holdings are available for U.S. Equity ETFs.