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Comparison Table

The ETF Comparison Table shows rows for each member of the selected ETF Group or Subgroup.

Normal Mode

When an ETF Group is first loaded, by default results are ordered most Bullish to most Bearish by Power Bar, or by 6- month performance if no Power Bar is available.

In Normal Mode, the following fields are shown:
  • Chart.         Check box to select which ETFs are shown in the Comparison Chart. By default, the top 4 are selected.
  • Symbol.      Ticker symbol of the ETF.
  • Name.         Name of the ETF. If it is cut off, hover to see a popup showing the full name.
  • Power Bar. Chaikin Power Bar showing Bullish/Neutral/Bearish breakdown of ETF constituent holdings. Shown for U.S. Equity ETFs only.
  • Weekly Mover arrow. Green or Red up/down arrows are shown next to the ETFs in the group with the 3 biggest positive and negative changes in Power Bar rank over the past week.
  • Last.           Current ETF price per share (within 1 minute, during trading session).
  • 6 mos.        6 month performance, expressed as percent change.

Click a column heading to sort by that column descending, and again to sort by that column ascending.


Expanded Mode

Click the Expand arrow to see the Comparison table in Expanded Mode.

The Comparison Chart will hide and you will now see the following columns:
  • Week, Month, 3 Mos, 6 Mos, 1 Yr, YTD. Percent change over 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and Year-to-date.
  • Exp Ratio.        The expense ratio of the ETF.
  • Yield.                Annual dividend yield of the ETF.
  • Assets.             Assets under management of the ETF.
  • Avg Daily Vol.  Average daily shares of the ETF traded over the past month.
  • Beta.                 Correlation of ETF performance to the S&P 500 index, ranging from -1 to 1.

Click the ‘collapse‘ arrow to return to Normal Mode, with the Comparison Chart displayed.