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ETFs in the List Navigator

The List Navigator in the Workspace has a section for U.S. Equity ETFs.

They are grouped into categories, by Sector and Style, enabling you to compare ETFs with similar investment objectives.

When you select an ETF, its constituents will load in the Watchlist  and a Chart icon  will display in the Watchlist header.

Press the Chart icon to see a historical chart of the ETF.

To see non-U.S. Equity ETFs, use the ETF Comparison page.


Ranking ETFs in a Group

Expand the List Navigator  to see “Power Bars” for the current ETF Category.

ETFs will be ranked strongest to weakest, showing which have the highest percentage of Bullish stocks.

This can be a very useful tool when choosing between ETFs with a particular Style or Sector focus.

At the top of the List Navigator, press  to sort the current section alphabetically and  to sort Strongest to Weakest.