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Industry “Power Bars”

You can use Chaikin Analytics to easily identify strong and weak Industry Groups. “Power Bars” show the breakdown of Bullish, Neutral, and Bearish stocks in an Industry or any list. To see these:

  1. Click the (>) icon at the top of the List Navigator to expand it.
  2. Click “Industries” or any section name to expand it.
  3. Ensure the <Sort by Power Bar icon> is highlighted at the top of the List Navigator.

You will now see Industries, sorted by Power Bar, most Bullish to most Bearish. The position of an Industry in this list can indicate its likely future intermediate-term performance relative to other industries.

Chaikin encourages investing in strong stocks in strong groups. Looping through Very Bullish stocks in strong industries is one way to use the system to find promising names. In the example above, “Oil-Integrated” have 17 Bullish stocks and 0 Bearish indicating strong potential to outperform the market.