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U.S. Equity ETFs

Chaikin Analytics provides constituent lists for Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ exchanges. These are grouped into Categories, by Sector and Style, enabling you to compare ETFs with similar investment objectives.

  • By Sector: SPDR Sectors, SPDR Subsectors, Communications, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Energy, Financial, Health Care, Industrials, Materials, Real Estate, Technology, Utilities.
  • By Style: All Cap Growth, All Cap Value, All Cap Blend, Large Cap Growth, Large Cap Value, Large Cap Blend, Mid Cap Growth, Mid Cap Value, Mid Cap Blend, Small Cap Growth, Small Cap Value, Small Cap Blend, Closed End, Dividend Yield, Equity Strategy ETFs, Inverse Equities, Leveraged Equities.

You can also compare any groups of US-listed ETFs on the ETF Comparison page.

Expand a Category to see the ETFs within it. Select an ETF to view its constituents in the Watchlist.

ETF constituents are updated daily.

Ranking ETFs within a Category

Expand the List Navigator to see “Power Bars” for the current ETF Category. ETFs will be ranked strongest to weakest, showing which have the highest percentage of Bullish stocks. This can be a very useful tool when choosing between ETFs with a particular Style or Sector focus.

At the top of the List Navigator, press   to sort the current section alphabetically and  to sort Strongest to Weakest.