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User Lists

The User Lists category will show any custom lists you’ve created on either iPad or Desktop, or imported via the List Importer. Changes will be synced across platforms. The list called “My Stocks” will display by default when you log in, unless you specify another default list.

New List

To create a new list, press “New List” and type the list name into the entry box.

To begin adding stocks to your list, just enter the symbol or company name into the Symbol Entry Box and press “+” to add a stock to your list.

Edit List Properties

To rename a User List, press , and enter the new name.

You can make any User list your default. The default list will automatically load after you log in, with its first stock displayed in the chart. Your Default list will always sort to the top of your User Lists.

Delete List

To delete a User List, press . You cannot delete your My Stocks list.

Special User Lists

The following may be created as special user lists by the system:

  • Saving a list generated by the Screener will create a list called “Screening Results
  • Saving a list from the Discovery screen will create a list called “Discovery Results