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Screener Display

The Chaikin Analytics Screener is a powerful tool for finding stocks which meet criteria you specify. You can select a starting Universe, apply Global Filter criteria, and combine Power Gauge, Performance, Technical, and Fundamental criteria, as well as Chaikin Buy/Sell Signals. The Screener is designed to allow you to try ideas in rapid succession, to see the effect on results.

Matching results are displayed in the Results window and can be saved as a User List, and viewed immediately in the Workspace.

Data Availability

Data is indexed for Screening once a day prior to market open on trading days, and on Saturday evenings. The data used in screening is the most current data available as of the time of indexing, which is shown at the bottom of the Rules Window.

Only active stocks in the Chaikin Analytics system are included for screening. This may include stocks with no Power Gauge Rating. ETFs are not included in screens.