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Results Window

Once a Screen has been successfully run, Results will be displayed in the Results Window, which is almost identical to that Watchlist’s Panel View. Each stock shows Ticker, Company Name, Power Gauge Rating, Last, and today’s Percent Change

Title Bar

The Results Title Bar shows the number of matching Results, a Power Bar indicating their Bullish/Neutral/Bearish breakdown, a Sort By drop-down, and a Save List button.

Results Hotlink

Once you have successfully run a Screen which has generated matching results, select “Results” to quickly see these stocks in the Watchlist. This will create a temporary list called “Screening Results“, which will not appear yet in the List Navigator. To save it, return to the Screener, select “Save List“, and name it.

Note: While viewing the temporary “Screening Results” list, the Export a List r-button menu option will be disabled.

Sort By

By default, Results will be sorted alphabetically. As in the Watchlist, you can sort alphabetically, by Power Gauge Rating, or by today’s Percent Change, all either ascending or descending. When sorted by Percent Change, today’s advances will be colored GREEN, and declines will be colored RED.

Large Results Lists

The Chaikin Analytics Screener can generate Results lists of any size, though you may see less than optimal browser performance when displaying large lists. To account for this, if there are more than 500 matching Results, the application will display the first 500 alphabetically, and then prompt you whether you want to load remaining results. Press Continue to display all Results, or Cancel to see only the first 500.

Save Results & View in Watchlist

Enter a name for this list, and press Continue to save.

If you select “View in Watchlist”, the application will automatically switch to the Workspace, displaying this list in the Watchlist upon saving. This is a very convenient way to see the quality of this Screen.

Select Screener from the main navigation area again to switch back to the Screener. Your Screening Criteria and Results will be maintained, so you can try different Screening ideas in succession and see their impact on Results.