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Rules Window

In the Rules Window, select a starting Stock Universe and specify Screening Criteria to generate a list of matching Results.

Default State

Initially, the Screener will be set to a starting Universe of Russell 3000 and a Power Gauge Rating of Bullish, with all other criteria empty (showing “- – -“).The SCREEN button will be GREEN, indicating that the Screen has not been performed yet.

Adding Screening Criteria

Use the menu drop-downs to select values for criteria, or set them to empty.

Performing a Screen

When you are ready, press SCREEN to generate a list of stocks in the Stock Universe matching the criteria you have specified. Stocks must meet all specified criteria to be included; empty criteria do not affect the screen. Results will display in the Results window to the right.

Once the Screen has been performed, the SCREEN button will turn GREY.

Changing Criteria

Once Results are displayed, you can change criteria without losing your current Results display. When the first setting is changed, the SCREEN button will turn GREEN again, indicating that you can press it to generate new Results.

Resetting the Screener

You can reset the Screener to its default state at any time by pressing “RESET“. This will erase any results currently displayed.


Matching Results

When a Screen is run, you will see ‘lozenges’ next to each of the criteria you have set, indicating the successive number of matching stocks, starting with the number of active stocks in the Stock Universe, and applying each of the specified criteria in order from top to bottom. The final number reflects the number of stocks displayed in the Results Window.

Note: The example shown is a “Classic Bull” screen, looking for Bullish Stocks, in Strong Industries, above a rising long-term trend (which is “DEMA” or “Chaikin Trend“), and with strong money flow and relative strength persistency.