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Save Your Screen

You have the option to save your screen definitions so you can retrieve them later for reuse. Screen definitions may also be deleted. To save time, you can duplicate an existing definition, modify it, then save it.

Saving a Screen

When you first enter the Screener, the screen is in its default state and is untitled.

Once you set some screening criteria and screen for stocks, the Save icon turns white indicating you may save your screen, should you decide you want to.

To do so, simply enter a name for your screen in the name field, shown as “untitled” to start, and press return.

If a screen of that name already exists, you will have the option to replace it or cancel.

Loading a Screen

Your saved screens are shown under the Save Screen popup menu, which you access by clicking the menu arrow button next to the Save Screen folder. Then you by click “Load Screen” to see your list.

To load a screen, simply click on the one you want to load. After you do so, the screener will refresh with that screen’s name and criteria. You may then execute it, modify it, delete it, or reset it.

Deleting a Screen

To delete a screen, first you must load it, using the process above. Then select Delete Screen from the screener menu. You will have the option to continue or cancel.

Using One Screen as the Basis for Another

You can save time by using one screen as the basis for another. To do so, first create the base screen and save it. Then use the “Duplicate” command on the screener menu to make a copy of it.

The resulting screen will have the same name with a number attached at the end. Edit the name if you like, make any modifications you want to make in criteria. Then select “Save Screen” from the screener menu to save the changes you made.