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What is “Discovery”?

“Discovery” is a popular and intuitive form of Search, where results are generated by an app or website when the user selects a target item (such as a musical artist, song, movie, or product), or automatically based the on a User’s activity.

  • Netflix suggests movies similar (in various ways) to ones you’ve watched.
  • Pandora creates channels of songs based on an artist.
  • Spotify suggests songs based on ones you’ve listened to.

What is “Stock Discovery”?

We have created a Stock Discovery Engine to automatically suggest Buy and Sell ideas, based on a ‘target’ Stock or ETF of your choosing. The suggestions are both similar to the target, and have a high likelihood of investment success, as indicated by our proprietary Chaikin Power Gauge Rating.

How does it work?

When you enter a Stock or ETF, the Discovery Engine quickly populates a set of Results lists for display. This is done using a proprietary Relevance calculation, tailored for each list, that measures such things as similarity of Industry, Market Cap, Rating factors, and Technical factors, as well as strength of the Power Gauge Rating itself.

In this way, the Chaikin Stock Discovery Engine is the first financial search capability that combines search strength and alpha (expected performance relative to the market).

This is a unique and breakthrough capability.

Why Did We Build This?

We built the Chaikin Stock Discovery Engine as our central, forward-looking platform for generating stock ideas. We wanted to create something that any investor could use to find ideas, with a leading-edge User Experience that delivers on our mission of reducing information overload.

What Netflix has done for movies, Chaikin would like to do for Stocks.

Can I see the calculations that generate the results?

The User Guide will indicate the inputs that each list ‘preferences’ when determining results. However, we will update Relevance calculations over time, and don’t publish exact calculations. Our job is to make sure results are useful, and that the experience feels simple. If we’re doing that, how the magic happens is all under the hood.

Can I search by specific parameters in Discovery?

What makes the Discovery experience work is simplicity. No settings, no parameters. If you want to find results meeting specific criteria, that is what the Screener is for.

Where are the plans for Stock Discovery?

“Stock-based discovery” (based on a symbol) is just the beginning of our Discovery roadmap. Goals for future enhancements include keyword-based discovery, and user-based discovery. Our ultimate goal is to provide high quality personalized “Stock Ideas for You”, based on your user profile and activity. These enhancements are part of our plan but do not have release dates yet.