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Chaikin Analytics offers a revolutionary new way to find great stock ideas – we call it Stock Discovery.

Just as Pandora creates a channel of songs based on an artist, and Netflix suggests movies similar to ones you’ve watched, the Chaikin Stock Discovery engine automatically suggests potentially profitable stock ideas based on a stock or ETF you specify.

The first time you visit the Discovery page, you’ll see results populated based on the active Chart symbol.

To see new stock ideas, just type a ticker or Company Name into the symbol entry box and press “RETURN“. The display will populate with buy and sell ideas, based on significant factors of the “target” stock or ETF you have entered, which the Discovery Engine automatically identifies.

Results are ordered by a proprietary Relevance score which combines similarity in Industry, Market Cap, and Technical factors, as well as Chaikin Power Gauge Rating.

In this way, the Chaikin Stock Discovery engine is the first financial search engine to combine strength of search match with alpha – the likelihood that a stock will outperform the overall market.

You are among the first to use this breakthrough method for simplifying the idea generation process. In future, Chaikin will be adding more ways to discover ideas, including by keyword, and based on personalized user activity.