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App Controls

Main Navigation

Select Workspace, Discovery, Screener, ETF Comparison, or Health Check to switch between views.

The following icons allow you to access important application-level features:

These icons are described below:

Contact a Specialist (Question Mark)

Send an email to Chaikin Customer Support.

Chaikin Insights (Light Bulb)

Access Chaikin Insights — Chaikin’s home for premium market commentary and actionable stock ideas, updated daily. Chaikin Analytics subscribers have access to Weekly Market Insights and Daily Morning Insights, written by our veteran market strategists. This will open in a separate browser tab.

Product Resources (Stack of Books)

  • Getting Started. A ‘welcome sequence’ for beginning users including a Quick Tour and overview video.
  • Resource Center. Access to the Chaikin Analytics Resources page.
  • Webinars. Register for upcoming webinars or watch previously recorded ones.
  • Contact a Specialist. Call or email one of our dedicated support team, or schedule a one-on-one session.
  • User Guide, Terms, FAQs. Helpful information about the product.
  • Chaikin Power Gauge. Reference material on the Power Gauge Rating and its factors.
  • OptionsPlay. User Guide and video walkthru for OptionsPlay.

Manage Stock Alerts Emails (Mail + Bell)

Chaikin Analytics allows you to receive a daily Stock Alert email, including Alerts for stocks in a particular User List, and/or one of the major market indices. If you enable it, the email will be sent to the email associated with your Chaikin account login, prior to market open each trading day. 

Log out (Person with Arrow)

Log out of your Chaikin Analytics session. You will be returned to the Sign In screen.

Settings (Gear)

  • About: Chaikin Analytics version info.
  • Notifications: Show or hide the Notifications banner, which automatically displays the latest announcements from Chaikin, including Product Releases, Market Alerts, and System Announcements.
  • Terms of Service: Legal details.
  • Import List: Import a list of tickers from an external source into Chaikin Analytics.
  • Attributions: Data vendor attributions.