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After signing in, you will see the Chaikin Analytics workspace which allows you to navigate between multiple watchlists, see quotes, Power Gauge Ratings, and Alerts for any watchlist, and drill down to a Chaikin chart designed to give you a quick, confident read on a stock’s potential.

Symbol Universe


Chaikin provides quotes, historical data, Power Gauge Ratings, and fundamentals on approximately 4,500 U.S. equities, including all NYSE and NASDAQ listed stocks (except Bulletin Board and Pink Sheet stocks).


Chaikin Analytics provide quotes, history, and technical analytics on all ETFs traded on NYSE or NASDAQ (around 1400), and constituents for U.S. equity ETFs (around 500).

Intraday Prices

Prices are updated once per minute during the trading day, and do not require an exchange agreement. Prices come from the BATS electronic exchange, which generally tracks exchange prices to within approximately a minute.

Power Gauge Ratings

Power Gauge Ratings are calculated for any stock in the symbol universe with at least 1 calendar year of trading data, and valid values for at least 10 of the 20 model factors.