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Earnings Icons

The Watchlist and Panel View will show you icons to help quickly identify important events in a stock’s Earnings cycle. These are based on Earnings Reports which are processed nightly, so you should expect Earnings data to be reflected the day after a stock reports.

Note: Some Earnings Warnings conditions are based on Chaikin Power Gauge factors, which are sourced from S&P Compustat. Both are industry-leading providers, however they use different methodologies.

Upcoming Earnings Alerts

The day of a stock’s Earnings report, you will see a grey EPS icon in the Watchlist and Panel View. This may be accompanied by a Bullish or Bearish Warning “!”, based on a number of factors.


Hover over a grey EPS icon to see information about a stock’s upcoming Earnings.

The top section shows next report date, fiscal quarter being reported, quarterly consensus estimate, year ago quarterly EPS, and – if there is a Warning icon – a message explaining it. If the next report date is today or tomorrow, a Sun or Moon icon will indicate whether the stock reports before market open, after the close, or during market hours (no icon).

The bottom section shows report date, quarter reported, EPS, and revenue for the stock’s last quarterly Earnings report.

A Bearish Warning ahead of Earnings can be triggered by:

  • Power Gauge Earnings Surprise or Estimate Trend factor being Very Bearish (bottom 20% of the Russell 3000)
  • A recent drop in the consensus estimate or average analyst rating for the stock.

A Bullish Warning ahead of Earnings can be triggered by:

  • Power Gauge Earnings Surprise or Estimate Trend factor being Very Bullish (top 20% of the Russell 3000).
  • A recent increase in consensus estimate of average analyst rating for the stock.

Though the Power Gauge Rating should be the primary input to your evaluation of a stock’s potential, these Earnings Warnings should serve as inputs to any decision made around an Earnings event.

Earnings Surprise Alerts

For 3 trading days after an Earnings report, the “EPS” icon in the Watchlist will turn green, red, or black depending on whether actual Earnings beat, missed, or matched the consensus estimate. If there was an Earnings Surprise, you will also see a Surprise icon (“!”).


Hover over a green, red, or black EPS icon for detail about the completed Earnings report, including: report date, fiscal quarter, quarterly EPS & revenue reported, consensus quarterly estimate, quarterly EPS and revenue change from 1 year ago, and amount by which the reported EPS missed or beat the estimate.

Note: Earnings Surprise icons are generated from final Earnings reports, processed nightly. Earnings Surprise Alerts which display in the Alerts window are generated from intraday Earnings updates which are not final reports, but are updated multiple times during the day.

Estimate Revision Alerts

Estimate Revisions are processed nightly after each weekday and generate an Alert for stocks where the consensus has moved more than 2c (and more than 2%) in either direction.


Hover to see the old and new consensus estimate.