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The Watchlist shows you the Power Gauge Rating, Last, Change, Buy/Sell Signals, and Earnings Alerts for any list of stocks. Select any list in the List Navigator to display it in the Watchlist.

Use the View buttons above to toggle between the Watchlist, Panel View, and Alerts View.

By default, when you select a list in Watchlist View, stocks will be sorted by Power Gauge Rating, from strongest to weakest, with micro-cap and illiquid stocks filtered from view.

You can Import and Export lists, drag and drop symbols, or cut and paste into any User list or external application, such as Excel or Word.


Panel View

At the top of both views, you’ll see a Title Bar showing the List Name, a “Power Bar” indicating the number of Bullish/Neutral/Bearish stocks in the list, as well as the Global FilterSignal Filter, and Sort icons.

In the Watchlist, select any stock to chart it. Press the Up/Down Arrow keys to move through stocks. Charts will automatically load as you move through the list.

In Panel View, double-click a stock to chart it.

Alert View

The Alerts View shows the Buy and Sell Signals and other Alerts that have triggered for the selected list. Double-click an alert to chart its stock or ETF.

Composite Chart

If an Index or ETF is selected from the List Navigator, a  icon will appear. Press this to see a 1-year historical Chart, featuring the same indicators as you would see for a standard equity chart.

Adding and Deleting Symbols

You can edit the contents of a User List directly in the Watchlist window or Panel View.

To add a stock, enter a ticker symbol or company name into the symbol entry box and press [+]. If you are not currently viewing a User List, this action will add the stock to your Default list.

To delete a stock, hover over it in the Watchlist and press ( ), or press the Delete key.

Sorting the Watchlist

When you select a list in Watchlist View, by default, stocks will be sorted by Power Gauge Rating, from Very Bullish to Very Bearish (within each Rating, stocks will sort alphabetically).

    • Press “Symbol” to sort alphabetically, once for ascending, again for descending.
  • Press “Signal” to sort stocks with Signals today to the top of the Watchlist – once for Buy Signals on top, again for Sell Signals on top.
  • Press “Rating” to sort the list by Power Gauge Rating – once for strongest on top, again for weakest on top.

Sorting Panel View

When you select a list in Panel View stocks will sort by today’s Percent Change by default, with biggest gainers on top in green, and biggest losers at bottom in red.

Select from the Sort By menu to sort by Rating, Symbol, Signal, or Pct Change.