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Getting Started

Supported Environments

Chaikin Analytics is a web-based application that runs in a browser on qualified desktop and laptop computers and tablet devices.


For best performance and feature support, the application should be run in the most recent or natively installed versions of the following browsers:
  • Windows 10:                         Chrome   (download here)
  • macOS (10.4 or above):     Chrome  (download here)
  • iPad tablets:                          Safari


The application is also supported in the most recent versions of the following browsers:
  • Windows 10:     Microsoft Edge, Firefox
  • macOS:               Safari, Firefox

Not Supported

Though the application may run in other environments, they are not officially supported.

Sign In

Chaikin has a central login screen for its multiple subscription services.

Visit www.chaikinanalytics.com/login and select “Chaikin Analytics” to sign in with your username and password.


Check “Remember Me” to have your password remembered across sessions.

 Note: You may only have one session at a time. If you attempt to sign in a second time, you will be prompted to sign out your previous session.

Reset or Forgot Password

If you forget your password or want to reset it, press “Reset Password.”

Enter the email associated with your account and press “Reset Password.” An email will be sent to your address — follow the link to reset your password.

Press “Back to menu” to return to the Sign-in screen.