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Key Features

With Chaikin Analytics you can:

  • Get reliable Chaikin Power Gauge Ratings on any stock or list.
  • See ETF constituents, history, and technical analytics.
  • Create unlimited custom watchlists.
  • See actionable trading Signals and important Alerts.
  • Work with Sectors, Subsectors, Industries, and major Indices.
  • Navigate through charts on any list, featuring industry-standard Chaikin indicators.
  • See Earnings Warnings, Surprises, and Estimate Revisions.
  • See integrated news headlines any U.S. stock.
  • Screen for stocks meeting your criteria, including Power Gauge Ratings and other proprietary analytics.
  • Download powerful research reports on over 5,000 U.S. equities, or a Portfolio Health Check on the stocks you care about.
  • Access Chaikin Insights for detailed market commentary and actionable stock ideas.