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Power Gauge Stock Rating


A remarkably accurate indicator of where a stock is headed over the next 3 to 6 months.
Power Gauge Stock Rating


Combines our proprietary stock rating model and technical factors into a powerful rating of an ETF’s potential.


Detailed stock charting that includes proprietary Chaikin model and indicators.
Built in Stock Screener to instantly find stocks that match your criteria.
Options in plain English. Create high-probability options strategies, quickly and easily.
Spend less time hunting for stock ideas. Automatically finds ideas based on any identified stock symbol or company.
Daily and Weekly commentary on the markets from Marc Chaikin and Dan Russo.
Sectors & ETFs
Stay ahead of industry shifts with the Sector & ETF Performance View.


Quickly see where a stock or ETF is headed.

Power Gauge rating

The Chaikin Power Gauge stock rating is the core of the Chaikin Analytics system. It combines 20 factors into a simple, reliable indication of a stock’s potential performance over the next 3-6 months. The Chaikin Power Gauge also rates ETFs. Unlike other models, it combines both fundamental and technical factors for a blended final rating.

Power Bar

The powerbars give you a breakdown of the stocks within a list of stocks by Bullish, Neutral, and Bearish Power Gauge Ratings.

Powerful Reporting

Each market day, a Power Gauge Rating is computed for any stock which has at least one year of trading history. Twenty factors are weighted and combined into a daily value.

Backtested and Proven

The Chaikin Power Gauge is supported by 10 years of independent backtesting and 5 years of successful real-world performance.


Features that do the heavy-lifting for you.

Charts     |     Lists     |     More

Charting Data

The Chaikin Analytics stock and ETF chart is designed to facilitate a quick, reliable Buy/Sell decision. Everything you need to make a decision is on one chart.

Intraday Chart

The intraday chart gives an up to the minute snapshot of today’s trading activity. The Intraday Alert Message will indicate the conditions triggering today, e.g. “Gap up at open on high volume.”

Historical Snapshots

The chart will show historical High/Low/Close bars – either 1 year of daily bars or 5 years of Weekly Bars depending on the time frame selected.

Buy/Sell Signals

Chaikin Analytics provides 6 pairs of Buy & Sell Signals, updated nightly to help you time entries and exits.

User Lists

Create unlimited user lists by drag and drop or importing via the List Importer. Changes will be synced across platforms.

Industries & ETFs

Chaikin Analytics provides information on 62 Industry Groups and history for over 1500 Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ.

Chaikin Hot Lists
Chaikin Hot Lists

Chaikin provides various types of Hot Lists as a source of potential investment ideas. Some are automatically calculated, and some are curated manually, as described below.

Indices Power Bars

You can use Chaikin Analytics to easily identify strong and weak Industry Groups. Industry Rating essentially looks at Bullish stocks as a percentage of total rated stocks in a group.

Earnings Reports

Quarterly Earnings Reports are processed nightly. They include newly reported EPS values for the current quarter and fiscal year. Earnings Reports are also received at multiple times during the trading day—these intraday updates can generate Earnings Surprise Alerts, Earnings icons, and will affect Chart header information.

News Feed
News Feed

Chaikin receives news headlines on U.S. stocks and ETFs from XIgnite, a leading financial information provider. XIgnite integrates from a wide variety of sources, and provides direct links to those sources.

Chaikin Alerts

Alerts highlight important events about the price activity, Power Gauge Rating, and earnings of stocks you are watching. While not intended as actionable trading events on their own, they call attention to specific stocks for a closer look.


Chaikin Analytics has Buy and Sell Signals built right in. Signals are defined by a triggering event plus supporting conditions.


Find the best stocks for your investing style.

Sort By…

You can select a starting Universe, apply Global Filter criteria, and combine Power Gauge, Performance, Technical, and Fundamental criteria, as well as Chaikin Buy/Sell Signals. The Screener is designed to allow you to find stock ideas, quickly and easily.

Global Filters

The Global Filter allows you to exclude certain stocks from your search criteria based on minimum price, liquidity, market capitalization criteria and optionable status.

Over 40 Screenable Factors

The Chaikin Analytics Screener is designed to allow flexible combinations of various criteria, focusing on Chaikin’s high-value analytical tools: the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating, its Components and Factors, Industry Rating, Stock Performance, and selected Technical Indicators, Signals, and Fundamental fields.

Save Screener Lists

You have the option to save your screen definitions so you can retrieve them later for reuse.


Find strong stocks in strong sectors and industries.

Weekly Movers

Knowing which Sectors have had significant recent change in their Bullish/Bearish composition can be a great way to spot early ‘sector rotation’. The “Power Bar” displays sectors ranked from strongest to weakest.

Identify Strongest/Weakest Stocks

Drill down on a sector to see strongest and weakest stocks, ranked by the Chaikin Power Gauge rating.

Drill Down

Sort ETFs by subsector, sector, large cap, dividend, yield, etc.

ETF Universe

Chaikin Analytics provides quotes, history, and technical analytics on all ETFs traded on NYSE or NASDAQ (around 1400), and constituents for long-only U.S. equity ETFs (around 500).


Create high-probability options strategies, quickly and easily.

Everything in One Place

Chaikin Analytics has partnered with to offer Options strategies in “plain English”, thus reducing information overload.

Visual, Easy to Read Displays

OptionsPlay distills complex stock Option chains into 3 high-probability strategies that maximize your risk/reward potential.

For All Skill Levels

OptionsPlay will automatically populate a simulated Trade ticket with information about your selected strategy, for you to enter into your trading system.

Trade Smarter, with Less Risk

The OptionsPlay window will automatically rank their suggested strategies with an OptionsPlay score.


Personalized stock ideas in one click of the mouse.

Automated Stock Ideas

Chaikin Stock Discovery automatically finds stock ideas based on a similar stock you identify.

Scans the Entire Universe

Once a stock is chosen, the Stock Discovery engine analyzes the stock universe and displays relevant stock ideas.

Swap Candidates at your Fingertips

With one click, find stocks that have similar characteristics to a stock you specify, stocks with similar Power Gauge ratings, technicals, indicators, industry group, and more.

Quickly and Easily

Similar stocks to a specific symbol are displayed instantly.


Weekly and Daily Market Commentary and Actionable Stock Ideas

Weekly Market Insights

Chaikin Founder & CEO Marc Chaikin provides his weekly commentary on the market, what you should do next, plus strong and weak stock & ETF ideas.

Subscriber-Only Online Sessions

Our client success team highlights unique aspects of Chaikin Analytics with live Q&A and bi-weekly online presentations. Plus, unlimited small group tutorials to help you invest with confidence.

Chaikin Morning Insights
Daily Morning Insights

Our Chief Market Strategist recaps the previous day, what to expect today and offers specific buy/sell stock ideas.

Educational Webinars
Educational Webinars

Our webinars show you how to find the top picks and stocks to watch. Marc also co-hosts webinars with distinguished guests on how to invest smarter.

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