Marc Chaikin Assesses the Future of the Current Bull Market & More
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Marc Chaikin Assesses the Future of the Current Bull Market and More on the Money Life Podcast with Chuck Jaffe [VIDEO]

How much longer will this historically long bull market continue? Should investors be worried about a bear market around the corner?

That’s what Marc Chaikin, CEO and Founder of Chaikin Analytics, covered on Friday’s Money Life Podcast with Chuck Jaffe. Listen below for Marc’s breakdown on the status of the current bull market and what investors should expect looking ahead.

The Money Life Podcast is a daily financial talk show focused on investing and money management, hosted by MarketWatch senior columnist, Chuck Jaffe.

“We’re in a period of rising interest rates and rising earnings,” Marc shared on Friday’s Podcast. “This is very Bullish.”

Marc Chaikin also explored what investors should expect next earnings season, and where he sees the market headed over the next several months.

“I think that the market is just waiting to break out, just as the small caps did last week,” he said. “We’ve got a market that’s being driven by earnings and I think it’s going to continue.”

Watch the video below to find out whether Marc Chaikin thinks investors should turn their attention internationally, how investors can use volatility to their advantage, and how, and to what extent, bitcoin and blockchain are changing the stock market as whole.

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