Weekly Schedule of Events


Open Forum
4:15-5:15pm ET


Pre-Market Analysis
8:30-9:00am ET


Onboard Session
2:00-3:30pm ET


Option Ideas
11:00-11:30am ET


Chaikin Analytics Onboard Session

Designed to help you adapt Chaikin Analytics to your investing approach, coaching sessions show you how to find winning stocks, time entries/exits and use Chaikin Analytics features.

Wednesdays  @ 2:00–3:30 PM (ET)

*available at the the above times only
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Monday Weekly Open Forum

Topic-focused live group Q&A sessions are held each Monday, often featuring a special guest. These sessions are invite only. Subscribers will receive an invite via email.

MONDAYS  @ 4:15–5:15 PM (ET)

*available at the the above times only
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Pre-Market Analysis Session

Get a head start on the market before the open with pre-market analysis from our experts. Find out what to expect for the trading day and ask questions on current market conditions.

Tuesdays  @ 8:30–9:00 AM (ET)

*available at the the above times only
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Thursday Afternoon Sessions

The topics include Timing for All Strategies, ETF Comparisons, and Finding Stock Ideas using Chaikin Analytics.

Timing for All Strategies
Comparing ETFs Recording
Finding Stock Ideas Recording

Options Strategies with Chaikin Analytics

A three-part options course (beginner, intermediate, advanced), designed to take you through basic to advanced options trading using Chaikin Analytics and OptionsPlay™.

Class 1: Basics
Class 2: Intermediate
Class 3: Advanced

Option Ideas Sessions

Bring your options trading questions and learn how to find high-probability options strategies quickly and easily using Chaikin Analytics OptionsPlay Integration.

Thursdays  @ 11:00–11:30 AM (ET)

*available at the the above times only
Most Recent Options Ideas Recording:
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