A Quick Apple Stock (AAPL) History: Innovation & Reinvention

A Quick Apple Stock (AAPL) History: Innovation & Reinvention

Apple is one of the largest companies in the world today – and so is Apple stock (AAPL). Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google (who together make up the famous “FANG” acronym group) are some of the most powerful technology companies currently active on the stock market.

Someone investing $990 in Apple’s IPO in 1980 would have earned back more than $300,000 by 2015.

Here’s a quick summary of the incredible history of Apple Stock (AAPL):

Apple Stock is Launched

In December of 1980, Apple’s initial public offering (IPO) was $22. After the first day of trading, shares rose to $29 and the IPO was worth $75.5 million and consisted of over 2 million shares.

Product Launches & Innovation: Apple Stock Increases

One of the first huge spikes after Apple’s IPO occurred with the debut of the revolutionary Mac computer on January 28, 1984. On this day, the AAPL stock price went up to $26.13.

The iMac was released in May of 1998. Within three months, trading increased by 21.6% because of the success of the iMac. Within two years of its release, AAPL stock was up by 263%, which was a record-breaking number. Consequently, the iMac paved the way for the many Apple products that followed it like the MacBook pro in 2006.

The iPod, released in November 2001, was the product that would catapult Apple to huge success. Within a week, AAPL stocks saw a 6.6% increase that can be directly tied to the release of the iPod. Following the iPod, the iTunes Store was later released for both Mac and Windows (the first program of its kind).

By the end of 2004, Apple had sold over 10 million iPods and was trading at $32.20. Additionally, the iPod started a chain of products built upon it and helped Apple rise faster and more consistently for the first time.

In 2007 Apple launched the iPhone, widely considered one of the most revolutionary products of the age. It was the first mobile phone to offer so many high-tech features like a touch screen, music player, and high-quality camera, all on one small device. After a month, thanks to the iPhone, the stock price rose over 15%.

More recently, the Apple iPad was another Apple product to launch its stock price forward. It combined some of the the portability and ease of the iPhone with some of the processing power of the iMac, as well as a larger screen than any other mobile device. As a result of the launch, AAPL stock saw a 43% increase. 

The Lows: Apple Stock Decreases

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It certainly hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Apple. Some of the low points for the company – and the stock – demonstrate just how well Apple can reinvent itself.

May 24, 1985 saw one of the earliest and largest dips in the AAPL stock price. It sunk to $18.12 after Steve Jobs attempted and failed to push out CEO John Sculley.

The 1990s as a whole, particularly 1994 to 1997, was a poor time for Apple stock. Other companies were catching up to their level of innovation, $708 million was lost and as a result the stock hit a low point of $4.

However, Apple’s worst day ever was September 29, 2000, when its stock price fell adevastating 51.9% in a single day. 

A number of factors can be attributed to this fall. Apple suffered from poor fourth quarter earnings results in spite of a strong rise the year prior.

In  adition, 2000 was the year of the infamous Internet tech bubble pop. Investors, who had previously flocked around technology, Internet and PC-based products, were starting to become skeptical that growth would continue.  

Through 2003, Apple’s trends continued to suffer. However, 2004 saw a much higher increase thanks to exceptional iPod sales. Apple stock has not seen a time as low as 2000-2003 since then.


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