Sandy Chaikin at the Benzing Women's Wealth Forum [Video]
Benzinga - WWF

Watch Sandy Chaikin Share Her Investing Journey at Benzinga’s First-Ever Women’s Wealth Forum [Video]

Last month, Sandy Chaikin, Co-Founder of Chaikin Analytics, was named honorary chairwoman of Benzinga’s first-ever Women’s Wealth Forum in Boston, Massachusetts on March 21, 2018.

The event aimed to bring together some of the most powerful women in finance and financial technology in a space where women could network, share their stories, and learn how to empower themselves through financial technology.

It showcased distinguished leaders in financial technology, including opening remarks, a live panel discussion, and a session hosted by Sandy Chaikin.

Sandy, who has been featured in national media for her story of how she became a knowledgeable investor in the stock market, understands the challenges that women face in gaining the confidence to become financially fearless. Sandy began her journey in 2012, when, with no prior financial experience, she started investing in stocks with Chaikin Analytics.

Sandy went on to build a killer portfolio that continues to outperform the S&P 500 and most money managers. At Benzinga’s Women’s Wealth Forum, she shared her story.

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