Level the Playing Field with a Predictive Rating On Over 5,000 Stocks

How do you rate a stock? It’s not just you—individuals investors, Wall Street pros, and advisors alike all struggle with finding the right stocks to invest in.

That’s because there are hundreds of data points to be analyzed and researched: cash flow, book value, earnings growth, P/E ratio, relative strength, short interest, volume trends, and so much more. It’s important information, but most investors don’t have the time to compile all of it.

With the Chaikin Stock Rating, you don’t have to make compromises. You get all of the most important information about a stock automatically compiled for you in one simple stock rating.

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The Chaikin Stock Rating: Validate Your Stock Research

Power Gauge Rating Arcs

The Chaikin Stock Rating takes twenty of the most important factors that affect a stock’s price movement, combines them using our proprietary algorithm, and distills them into one easy-to-read rating, on a color-coded scale from Very Bearish to Very Bullish.

Plus, it also tells you why a stock has that rating.

You can drill down into any of the four components (financials, technicals, earnings, and expert opinions) to find out for yourself what is giving a stock a Bullish, Neutral, or Bearish rating. Clear, straightforward, and transparent data is at the core of everything we do.


A Unique Blend of Fundamentals & Technicals

Whether you’re a primarily technical or fundamental investor or trader, the Chaikin Stock Rating can complement any investing style. That’s because it brings together the most important fundamental and technical data into one rating, so you’re not missing out on half the facts.

Simple, and Powerful.

Our stock rating may look simple on the surface, but don’t let its simplicity fool you. It has helped thousands of investors and advisors make more profitable investment decisions. It is a quantitative model that combines fundamentals, technicals, earnings, and expert sentiment into a single rating. It gives you a quick read on any stock.

The Most Important Factors To Look At When Analyzing a Stock

Take a Look "Under The Hood" of the Chaikin Stock Rating

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A Clear Summary of a Stock’s Potential

—with a History of Success

The Chaikin Power Gauge is simple, but not simplistic. It is powerful and proven. In seconds, it combines 20 of the most important factors into a single rating on over 5,000 stocks. These are the same factors institutional investors and professional traders use to evaluate stocks every day.

“Performance information is calculated using data from S&P Global Market Intelligence and ClariFi. These are the results of rolling-period measurements each of which starts one week apart and ends 1, 4 or 13 weeks later as per whichever holding period is identified in the chart. The annualized data shown here is ClariFi’s calculation of the average of all rolling period measurements recorded through the complete start-to-end period. All rolling tests are identified by the start of each individual measurement period. As a result, rolling periods close to the end of the complete-start-to-end period may be incomplete (e.g., a 13-week holding periods scheduled to begin one week prior to the end of the test), in which case, period-specific performance reflects only that portion of the period that could be measured.”

It's Proven, But Don't Just Take Our Word For It

In April 2014, Chaikin collaborated with Nasdaq to overlay the Chaikin Power Gauge stock rating on three popular Nasdaq stock indices: Large Cap, Small Cap, and Dividend Achievers.

Since inception all three indices, which are rebalanced annually, have outperformed their benchmarks, validating the Chaikin model. The indices continue to outperform today!

In 2017, we collaborated with Nasdaq and IndexIQ to bring the Chaikin Power Gauge stock rating approach to the ETF marketplace.

We believe that by combining proven, market-based factors, as we’ve done with our Nasdaq-Chaikin Power Indices, it’s possible for ETF investors to build smarter stock portfolios with the potential to enhance returns across various market cycles.

Created By Stock Market Expert, Marc Chaikin

Marc Chaikin Ringing the Opening Stock Market Bell

You may already know Marc Chaikin by his namesake technical indicator, Chaikin Money Flow, now an industry staple for investors around the world.

Marc spent forty years on Wall Street as a trader, stock broker analyst, and head of the options department for a major brokerage form. He developed computerized stock selection models and helped pioneer the first real-time analytics workstation for portfolio managers and stock traders.

He put all of this knowledge experience into building the Chaikin Stock Rating, which helps level the playing field by giving individual investors and advisors the same professional-grade tools once available only to Wall Street pros.

The Chaikin Rating Now Rates ETFs!

ETF Power Gauge Rating

Our recently launched Chaikin Rating for ETFs combines our proprietary stock rating model with technical analysis factors into a unique view of an ETF’s potential.

Unlike other models, only the Chaikin ETF Ratings look at the underlying fundamental and technical characteristics of an ETF’s constituent holdings to determine its potential to out- or underperform the market.

Invest Smarter When You Make The Chaikin Rating The First Step In Your Stock Research

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