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The 6 Biggest Takeaways From Jim Cramer & Marc Chaikin’s “How To Trade A Booming Economy” Webcast


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On Wednesday, August 22nd, Chaikin Analytics CEO & Founder, Marc Chaikin, joined forces with CNBC’s Mad Money, Jim Cramer, for a special live webcast on how to trade today’s booming economy.

They went head-to-head on their favorite stocks right now, and called out the biggest “landmine” stocks to avoid.

Over 5,000 traders and investors registered, making this webcast 30% bigger than the monster event they did back in January.

Missed it? Don’t worry. Here are some of the biggest highlights.


01:39 | Politics And The Market: How Does Chaos In Washington Impact that Market?

“Historically the market has shrugged off political turmoil,” Marc said on the webcast to Jim Cramer. How should investors trade White House turmoil? Marc explained, “I think this is just a short-term distraction at a time when the market is typically weak on a seasonal basis, but that any pullbacks are buying opportunities.”

07:50 | The Biggest Problem That The Banks Have Right Now

“How do [the banks] segway from managing money for our generation to managing money for the millenials who don’t want their father’s broker?” Marc asked. In other words, the biggest problem the big banks are facing is attracting and keeping millennials. The banks focused on solving that problem are going to be the ones that come out ahead.

14:21 | Amazon (AMZN): Doing Great, But Marc Has 2 Big Concerns

“This is the digital economy writ large, so you’ve gotta love Amazon. They’re nailing it. They’re starting to make money now.” Marc said. However, he has some concerns. Marc explained, “I’m concerned about two things: bricks and mortar . . . they bought Whole Foods, now they’re talking about buying Landmark Cinemas from Mark Cuban. What are they doing in there? I don’t get that.”

32:04 | The Airlines Are Flying High

Some of Marc’s favorite stocks right now? The soaring airlines. Marc said, “The industrials I like are the airlines. UAL, CSX are amazing. If I’m looking for stocks to buy, rather than bottom fishing, I’d rather buy stocks making new highs on a pullback. They’re making new highs for a reason.”

01:01:31 | Trouble Ahead For Netflix (NFLX)?

“I think Netflix is in big, big trouble,” Marc shared “They broke down on some negative numbers. Netflix has faded the October quarter five years in a row. So, you’ve got a stock that’s in a downtrend technically, that’s reported bad numbers, and now you’ve got the October quarter coming up, and for each of the last five years—and we know that patterns can break—the stock has sold off sharply after the October numbers are out.”

Jim Cramer and Marc also went on to say that dwindling new releases is going to hurt their ability to attract new subscribers. Which, in turn, will further hurt content creation budgets. Marc explained, “This is a stock that depends on high valuations to finance their content creation.

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