The Options Trading Showdown with Marc Chaikin & Tom Sosnoff | May 21, 2019


Get Everything You Need to Know About a Stock or ETF

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What’s included in Chaikin Analytics

Everything you need to know about a stock or ETF… all in one place.

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A Directional Edge

Unlock the powerful, proven Chaikin Power Gauge ratings—a remarkably accurate indicator of where a stock is headed over the next 3 to 6 months.

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Clear, Concise Displays

Detailed stock charting that includes proprietary Chaikin indicators. Including dynamically updated Intraday charting!

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Find the Winners Easily

Built in Stock Screener to instantly find stocks that match your investing strategy.

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Earnings Enhancements

Earnings Alerts help you find timely ideas before upcoming earnings reports and if a stock is likely to beat or miss estimates.

Chaikin Stock Signals

Buy/Sell Signals & Alerts

Eliminates emotion & gives you conviction to make profitable investment decisions.

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Sector & ETF View

Stay ahead of industry shifts with the Sector & ETF Performance View.

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Curated Stock Lists

Quickly scan over 5,000 stocks & ETFs. Includes dozens of prescreened stock lists.


Create high-probability options strategies, quickly and easily.

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The Options Trading Showdown
Chaikin vs. Sosnoff


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or Call the Chaikin Team at 877-697-6783 and mention SHOWDOWN

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