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About Chaikin Analytics

Chaikin Analytics is a subscription service chosen by asset managers and serious individual investors to reduce risk, identify profitable stock and ETF opportunities and improve workflow. The Analytics are based on the technical and fundamental work of stock market expert Marc Chaikin, delivered via Desktop and iPad applications.

Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, Chaikin Analytics empowers professionals and individual investors to make better investment decisions by providing them with decision-making tools once available only to Wall Street professionals. The company was founded by Marc Chaikin in 2009.

The company’s founder, Marc Chaikin, is a recognized stock market expert. He has spent over forty years on Wall Street developing computerized stock selection models for professional money managers as well as individual investors.

With Chaikin Analytics you can:

  • Know which stocks to buy or sell by getting a reliable read on any of 5,000 stocks with the Chaikin Power Gauge rating
  • Identify bullish and bearish ETFs, by Sector and Style, drill down for constituents and monitor in your watchlists
  • Create unlimited custom watchlists
    Easily identify the strongest (and weakest) stocks and industry groups
  • Swipe thru charts on any list with Chaikin proprietary indicators
  • Know when to trade with Chaikin Signals and Alerts
  • For a deep dive on any of 5,000 stocks, download in-depth research reports
  • Identify the strengths and weakness of stocks and ETFs
  • Check the Health of your Portfolio
  • See where the market is headed with Marc Chaikin’s weekly Market Insights
  • Get fresh ideas daily, before market open, with Chaikin Morning Insights
  • Find actionable stock ideas with our new weekly Portfolio Health Check on the S&P 500.
  • Quickly identify the strongest stocks in the strongest industries
  • Power Gauge signals, alerts, and more

Chaikin Analytics for Desktop will run in any HTML5-compliant PC or Mac web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft IE (10 or higher) and Safari). If upgrading your browser is not possible, Chaikin Analytics is available as a standalone application. Customer Service can assist with downloading and installing.

Chaikin Analytics for iPad will run on an iPad 1 or higher, including iPad Mini and Air, with all versions of iOS 5.0 or higher.

About Model Testing

Good question. This is because the Power Gauge describes likely relative performance. It scores all the stocks based on how likely they are to outperform other stocks in the rating universe. The top 7th of the list are called “Very Bullish”. The bottom 7th are called “Very Bearish”. There’s some proprietary ‘bucketing’ in between. Whether the “underperformers” go up or down is a function of the market.

Another good question. This is because of the cap-weighting of the benchmark indices. A small number of very large cap stocks (like Apple, Walmart, and Exxon Mobil) largely determine the fate of the cap-weighted indices. If they did very well or poorly in a particular period, the index benchmark will be pushed to one side.

The technical overlay ‘clips’ Bullish stocks which are breaking down, and Bearish stocks which are breaking out to the upside. The effect on results is generally: Some good Bullish stocks which are going to outperform would not be in the Bullish buckets. We would lose a little performance on these. However, some of these would be in for very steep drops. Vice versa for Bearish stocks. This would affect “drawdown” if we were tracking a model portfolio. The easiest way to describe this is: the overlay lowers the risk of the model. It cuts a little upside and a lot of potential downside.

No. These results show a standard “buy all” evaluation method. Many different strategies can be used to turn the Rating into a model portfolio. These include market timing considerations, money management and exit rules, and other stock selection criteria (such as short-term technicals). We are comfortable the model is effective across a wide variety of portfolio creation strategies.

It could. Remember, there are a lot of stocks to pick from. It does mean that on average, the stock is more likely to outperform the rest of the stocks in the Russell 3000 index 1, 3, and 6 months from now. But the RATING is not a MARKET indicator. It’s not saying whether the market is likely to go up or down. And the Rating itself is not a TIMING indicator. It doesn’t tell you what might happen to the stock over the short-term, like the next few days or weeks, for example. A stock may be very short-term overbought, and at risk for pulling back over the next few days or weeks, but still likely to outperform over 1-6 months. Chaikin Analytics provides other Indicators and Signals to determine short-term TIMING risk. We also suggest you confirm with the stock’s technicals and Industry Group strength.

Probably, yes. Remember, there are a lot of other stocks to pick from. Does it mean you should short it? Well… that goes back to “it could…” You would need to check the other factors described above.
A rating of “Neutral” means the stock is neither likely to outperform or underperform (1-6 months). “Neutral+” or “Neutral-” means the actual trading behavior of the stock doesn’t agree with the model, so “all chips off the table”. These just mean proceed with more caution. A Bullish stock will get clipped to “Neutral+” if it has closed below its Chaikin Trend (a 200 day DEMA), and a Bearish stock gets clipped to Neutral- if it has closed above its Chaikin Trend.
Yes. The model is created on the Russell 3000 stocks, as these represent over 98% of the market cap of the U.S. economy. We use the model on a daily basis to rate first the Russell 3000 stocks, then the other ~2000 public US stocks. We run these separately so that the very microcap stocks don’t affect the Ratings of the R3000 stocks.

Yes. All testing is done with end-of-week Power Gauge Ratings. Over the course of many years, daily changes tend to wash out. However our products do update and display Power Gauge Ratings on a daily basis, and these can trigger Signals. However on a historical chart, you will see the end-of-week value for all weeks, including the current one.

We publish updated Power Gauge model performance once a year after the Q4 results are available, including “Real World” (since 2011 launch) and “Life-To-Date” (since 1999, including test period and real world results).

About Subscribing

Pricing for Chaikin Analytics and our products can be found here.

For questions, contact Customer Service at info@chaikinanalytics.com or call (877) 978-6257.

Chaikin Analytics is a premium service which requires its own subscription. However, if you use Chaikin PowerPulse or other Chaikin products, your My Stocks list will be shared between them – you will not need to re-enter it. You will sign in to Chaikin Analytics with the same username and password you use for Chaikin PowerPulse. All Chaikin tools are linked together under the same email address and password.

Your credit card will be charged as soon as we receive your order.

Contact our Customer Service Dept. by phone (877) 978-6257 or email info@chaikinanalytics.com

For monthly and quarterly subscriptions: all monthly and quarterly subscriptions are final and non-refundable. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time before the end of the term by email to info@chaikinanalytics.com or phone at 855-669-3553. Upon notification of your cancellation, your subscription will be terminated at the end of the current term. All subscriptions auto-renew unless explicitly cancelled before the end of the term.

For annual subscriptions: Cancellation of an annual subscription during the first six months of the subscription incurs a cancellation fee of $99. Upon cancellation you are entitled to a refund prorated for the number of complete months remaining on your subscription less the $99 cancellation fee if it is applicable. If you cancel your subscription after the first 6 months or if your subscription is a renewal, you are entitled to a refund prorated for the number of complete months remaining on your subscription. Annual subscriptions auto-renew unless explicitly cancelled by the method above before the end of the term.

For multi-year subscriptions: multi-year subscriptions are non-refundable. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time before the end of the term by email to info@chaikinanalytics.com or phone at 855-669-3553. Upon notification of your cancellation, your subscription will be terminated at the end of the current term. All subscriptions auto-renew unless explicitly cancelled before the end of the term.

Contact our Customer Service Dept. by phone (877) 978-6257 or email info@chaikinanalytics.com
Go to app.chaikinanalytics.com, click “Reset password”, and enter your email. A link will be emailed to you which will allow you to change your password.
Currently, your subscription is linked to the email address you specify. To change it, contact our Customer Service Dept. by phone (877) 978-6257 or email info@chaikinanalytics.com

Getting Started

For Desktop: If you have a supported browser (see “platforms” question above) Chaikin Analytics will run inside your browser, there is no need to install anything. Just visit app.chaikinanalytics.com and sign-in.

For iPad: Go to the Apple App Store and search for “Chaikin Analytics” Select the non-partner version (i.e., not Chaikin Analytics for Real Tick or Chaikin Analytics for Market 76), tap “Install” and launch the app.

Once your subscription is activated:
Desktop: go to app.chaikinanalytics.com and enter your user name (email address) and password, then, click “Sign-In”

If you forget your username and password, press “Reset Password” and follow instructions or contact Customer Service at info@chaikinanalytics.com

Use the same log-in for access to desktop and iPad.

You can install Chaikin Analytics on as many iPads and computers as you wish, but you may only be signed in on one at a time. Your watchlists are automatically synced across multiple devices and computers.

Yes. You can sign out and sign in as another subscriber at any time, as long as that user has a Chaikin Analytics subscription. No information is shared between sessions.

Using Chaikin Analytics

The Chaikin Power Gauge™ rating is the centerpiece of the Chaikin Analytics system. It combines 20 factors into a simple, reliable rating of a stock’s potential performance relative to the market over the next six months, and is validated by 10 years of independent backtesting. The Power Gauge is also supported by the successful performance of the NASDAQ Chaikin enhanced alpha indexes, which exceeded their benchmarks by over 45% in the first year.

Stock screening expert Marc Gerstein writes:

“The Chaikin Power Gauge rating does an excellent job identifying stocks that have the potential for strong intermediate-term price performance because it was designed to do just that. Believe it or not, that’s unusual!”

Chaikin Analytics provides 6 pairs of Buy/Sell Signals to identify stocks with important patterns of trading activity. While Chaikin Power Gauge ratings are designed to help you decide which stocks to buy, Signals help you decide when. We recommend using Signals in conjunction with Power Gauge, Technical, and Industry Ratings to arrive at a fully informed Buy/Sell decision. Signals are calculated daily for all U.S. equities.

The Alert view shows Signals and Alerts for stocks in any list which have become active within the last two market days.

Certain stocks with a Power Gauge rating of “Neutral” may also display an indication of “Positive Potential” and “Negative Potential”. Here’s how it happens:

  • The Power Gauge calculation combines 20 weighted factors to arrive at a ‘raw’ rating for a stock, ranging from Very Bearish to Very Bullish.
  • However, if the stock is in a very strong positive price/volume trend, a “raw” Bearish or Very Bearish rating will be modified to Neutral, with a “Positive Potential” indicator.
  • Conversely, if a stock is in a very negative price/volume trend, a “raw” Bullish or Very Bullish rating will be modified to “Neutral” with a “Negative Potential” indicator.

In these cases, assuming the underlying Power Gauge factors remain consistent, once trending activity for the stock decelerates, the underlying Bearish or Bullish rating should take effect.

The Power Gauge Rating has been tested in real-world conditions and proven successful at identifying stocks likely to out- or underperform the market over the next six months.

In April 2014, Chaikin Analytics partnered with NASDAQ to overlay Chaikin’s “Enhanced Alpha” strategies based on the Chaikin Power Gauge model, on three popular NASDAQ Indexes. The first-year performance results significantly exceeded their benchmarks in every category, by over 45%.

In addition, it was independently back-tested on ten years of data by stock screening expert Marc Gerstein, who spent twenty years at Value Line Investment Survey as assistant research director, was director of investment Research at Reuters.com and has authored two books on stock screening. Gerstein is presently editor of the Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report. He writes: “The Chaikin Power Gauge Rating does an excellent job identifying stocks that have the potential for strong intermediate-term price performance because it was designed to do just that. Believe it or not, that’s unusual!”

The Chaikin Power Gauge Rating simplifies your Buy/Sell decision-making by distilling diverse and complex financial information into easily understood green/red displays. Green is bullish. Red is bearish. Yellow is neutral. These intuitive displays help you make a decision in seconds.

Chaikin Analytics is a more robust version of our investor tools and is packed full of information required by both financial professionals and experienced individual investors who require in-depth knowledge of fundamental and technical information on stocks and ETFs to help make informed investment decisions.

The workstation allows you to manage up to 500 custom watchlists. Indicators provided on Analytics charts are enhanced from those on the Chaikin PowerPulse subscriptions, and actionable trading Signals are provided, which are not available in Chaikin PowerPulse. Chaikin Analytics also includes flip charts with proprietary Chaikin indicators, which are not available on Chaikin PowerPulse, allowing users to flip through any list of stocks, ETFs …. and more.

The user experience allows a true top-down or bottom-up research process, allowing you to swipe thru a large list of stocks or ETFs with ease.

Additionally, Chaikin Power Gauge Reports are instantly available on any stock inside Chaikin Analytics, and a Portfolio Health Check is available instantly on any list.

Technical Indicators

The Chaikin Power Gauge rating includes the acclaimed Chaikin Money Flow―another indicator you can use in conjunction with the Power Gauge rating to help you buy or sell stocks profitably.

The Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) indicator is on each stock chart on Chaikin Analytics for Desktop and iPad, above the Chaikin Power Gauge ribbon.

On our Chaikin Power Gauge Reports and in Chaikin Analytics, the CMF indicator is displayed over a one-year and five-year time frame.

The Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) measures the flow of money in and out of a stock on a 20-day basis. It’s one of the most accurate displays of supply and demand for a stock, because it reflects the volume of trading relative to price action. A stock’s Money Flow should fluctuate from green to red and back again as its stock price rises and falls.

A stronger stock will generally have more green than red. Consider buying a stock when you see the indicator turn from red to green, or if it stays green during price declines. Consider selling a stock when you see the reverse happening.

The CMF indicator is displayed on most technical indicator packages worldwide. It is a perfect companion to the Chaikin Power Gauge stock rating.

About Chaikin Power Pulse

A suite of services that work seamlessly together help you make more money with less risk. Actionable stock and ideas, insights and in-depth stock research plus portfolio analysis tools help investors identify the best stocks to buy and weaker stocks to avoid or sell.

We offer a range of easy-to use services for all investors – from beginners to advanced – choose the one that’s right for you.

Chaikin PowerPulse (starting at $49.95/month)

All the benefits of Chaikin PowerPulse above, plus more ideas, more insights and more actionable information to help you make more money with less risk:

  • Chaikin Market Insights Weekly Email ―Marc Chaikin’s weekly analysis of the market, what you should do next and specific stock recommendations.
  • NEW Weekly Portfolio Health Check on the S&P 500 ―helps you quickly scan the 500 largest companies to find the strongest stocks in the strongest industry groups, companies reporting earnings this week, Power Gauge alerts and more.

Log on to https://www.chaikinanalytics.com/login

  • For Portfolio Health Check: view your current issue or update your watch list
  • For Chaikin Power Gauge Reports: request unlimited on-demand 4 page stock research reports on any of 5,000 stock
  • For Chaikin Market Insights, Morning Insights, and Stock Ideas : PowerSuite Premium subscribers click on the Chaikin Insights tab to view current and past articles

For monthly and quarterly subscriptions: all monthly and quarterly subscriptions are final and non-refundable. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time before the end of the term by email to info@chaikinanalytics.com or phone 1.877.978.6257. Upon notification of your cancellation, your subscription will be terminated immediately and you will not incur any additional charges, but you will continue to receive your service until the end of the term unless you notify us otherwise.

For annual subscriptions: subscriptions are non-refundable within the first three months. If you cancel your subscription after the first 3 months, your subscription will be terminated immediately, and you will receive a pro-rated refund equal to the number of full months remaining on your subscription, effective the first day of the month following the date of your cancellation notice. You will be charged the current monthly rate for the time you subscribed, which will be deducted from your annual subscription price. You will receive the balance as your refund.

Contact us at info@chaikinanalytics.com.

You can subscribe with confidence. We have partnered with Authorize.Net, a leading payment gateway since 1996, to accept credit cards and electronic check payments safely and securely for our subscribers. The company adheres to strict industry standards for payment processing including industry-leading encryption hardware and software methods and security protocols to protect customer information. Our website is registered with the Authorize. Net Verified Merchant Seal program. For additional information regarding the privacy of sensitive cardholder data, please read the Authorize. Net Privacy Policy at http://www.authorize.net/company/privacy/.

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