Prediction 2023:
Watch Marc Chaikin's Important Update

Wall Street legend Marc Chaikin just unveiled a new cash vehicle 50 years in the making… making his biggest new prediction in 50 years… and explaining how it could double or triple your money if you move your cash immediately.

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Invest Smarter with a Repeatable Approach to Stock & ETF Selection

Invest smarter, manage risk, and find the market’s next big opportunities using Chaikin Analytics’ award-winning technology and research, built by stock market expert Marc Chaikin.

Setting Ourselves Apart from the Rest

We’re not like the other research platforms you’ve come across.

At Chaikin Analytics, our mission is to provide the best information possible, so that our members can make better, more confident investment decisions.

We do this by combining our rating system & research with expert insights, support, and education.

Spot Trends Visually by Combining Fundamentals & Technicals into a Single Picture

Fine-Tune Your Approach with a Dedicated Success Team in Your Corner

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The Chaikin Power Gauge Rating Helps You Discover The Next Big Stocks & ETFs Ahead Of Wall Street

At the core of everything we do at Chaikin Analytics is our proprietary Chaikin Stock Rating — like a report card measuring future potential.

The Chaikin Stock Rating combines 20 of the most important factors that may impact a stock’s price movement, analyzes that data, and distills it into an easy-to-understand rating. The rating ranges from very bearish to very bullish and helps you get an edge in the market while avoiding bad trades.

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