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There’s a massive shift playing out in U.S. stocks – one we’ve only seen a dozen times before, going all the way back to 1943… and now Marc Chaikin is warning it’ll impact every major stock you can think of, especially Nvidia. Today, he’s sharing what it could mean for your money in 2024… and the No. 1 investing strategy he’s now recommending if you want to protect and grow your wealth in 2024.

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Powered by One of Wall Street's Greatest Living Legends

Marc Chaikin is one of Wall Street’s greatest living legends – with a career spanning more than 50 years.

His work has been featured in Barron’s, Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox Business, and more…

He’s probably most famous for being the inventor of the Chaikin Money Flow Oscillator – one of Wall Street’s most popular indicators which appears on most investing and trading platforms across the world.

Now, Marc and his team help over 1,000,000 people across 148 countries navigate the markets… and they can help you too.

"I want to explain why I love [Marc Chaikin's] stuff, it's simple, it's understandable, it's rational, it's not emotional, and you know I use it constantly and I almost never want to go against it."
Jim Cramer
- Jim Cramer
Trader & Host of Mad Money on CNBC

Access A System That Knows
What the "Smart Money" Is Thinking

It’s called the Chaikin Power Gauge stock rating… It’s based on the same rating system Marc Chaikin helped design for professional investors, traders, and analysts on Wall Street and it’s NOW available to you.

Each stock is assigned a rating of Bullish, Neutral, or Bearish… based on the likelihood to outperform (or underperform) the market over the next three to six months… giving you the chance to predict tomorrow’s favorite stocks on Wall Street before most of the institutions and public realize the opportunity.

And when a rating changes… it’s your signal that something BIG could be happening to the stock – and it might be time to act.

The Power Gauge is a one-of-a-kind system that provides predictive ratings for more than 5,000 stocks and 2,300 ETFs.

"In all of my years in trading I have tried many different styles and approaches, but [Chaikin] is one system that stands out, head and shoulders, above the rest."
- Bob Lang
Equities Trader and Frequent Guest on CNBC

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Marc Chaikin

After 50 years on Wall Street as a trader, stockbroker, analyst, and head of the options department for a major brokerage firm, Marc Chaikin founded Chaikin Analytics to deliver proven stock analytics to investors and traders. His work is based on the Chaikin Power Gauge, a 20-factor alpha model proven effective at identifying a stock’s potential.

Pete Carmasino

Pete Carmasino is our chief market strategist at Chaikin Analytics. He has more than 25 years in the financial-services industry.

Pete’s years of knowledge in many different strategies help thousands of our subscribers to decipher the markets… His ability to take complex concepts and break them down into digestible information is a true asset.

Briton Hill

Briton Hill started in the financial world as one of the youngest traders in Fidelity Investments’ history. Eventually, he left Fidelity and co-founded Weber Global Management. At the investment firm, he oversaw a period of incredible growth. Its assets under management climbed from $17 million to more than $150 million in less than three years.

Now, Brit shares his insights and strategies with our Chaikin Analytics subscribers. You’ll see firsthand how he applies his unique perspective to wealth management…

"I'm a relative novice to the stock world. However, I was able to exceed my expectations of return during my first year using Chaikin's work. Thanks to Chaikin I absolutely love delving into the market. Never in a million years did I think the stock market would become my passion in retirement. Chaikin made that happen."
- Marie L.
Chaikin Analytics Subscriber

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