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Glossary of Terms

Definitions for terms and acronyms in Chaikin products.

Glossary of Terms

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The market value of a company, calculated by multiplying share price by the number of outstanding shares.

Chaikin Hot Lists
Chaikin provides various types of Hot Lists as a source of potential investment ideas. Some are automatically calculated, and some are curated manually, see the User Guide for details. You should always carefully apply your selection criteria before deciding to take a position in any stock or ETF.

Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) Factor
Chaikin Money Flow (or CMF) Is a proprietary technical indicator that calculates the buying pressure (green) or selling pressure (red) for a stock. A stock that closes high in its daily range on high volume is considered to be under net accumulation and conversely a stock closing nearer its daily low on high volume is considered to be under net distribution, as these patterns may reflect institutional trading activity. CMF ranges from +100 to -100. A stock that closes at its high 21 days in a row will have a value of 100. A value of +25 or -25 is considered strong accumulation or distribution. For the PGR, the CMF persistency of accumulation for the previous six months is used.
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