A One-Of-A-Kind System That Predicts the Future Behavior of Stocks & ETFS

Large Power Gauge Ratings

If you aren’t familiar, the Power Gauge rating system is the culmination of Marc Chaikin’s 50 year career on Wall Street… where he worked with some of the most prestigious hedge funds in history, run by the likes of Steve Cohen, Michael Steinhardt, Paul Tudor Jones, and George Soros.

He built the system to scan the market each trading day, and issue a Bullish, Neutral, or Bearish rating on over 5,000 stocks and 2,300 ETFs.

It’s a one-of-a-kind system that predicts the future behavior of stocks and ETFs – based on the same stock-rating system Marc helped design for professional investors, traders, and analysts over decades.

"There's a lot of hyped-up tools out there, but a single tool that combines 20 fundamental AND technical factors to anticipate a stock's profit potential got my attention… It's like an objective ‘awesome meter' for stocks."
- John F. Carter
Trading Guru famous for making $1 million in just two days trading Tesla

A Way to Pick Up on Wall Street Signals
You Can't See on a Chart

The Chaikin Power Gauge rating is the centerpiece of everything we do — It picks up on signals you could never see simply looking at technical charts.

The rating ranges from Very Bearish (likely to underperform) to Very Bullish (likely to outperform).

Power Gauge Arcs
The Power Gauge rates over 1 stocks.

The stock rating combines twenty of the most important factors that can impact price movement… and distills them down into a simple, reliable prediction of future performance.

Financial Factors

The system is supported by over ten years of independent backtesting and successful real-world performance since 2011.

The ETF rating combines the proprietary stock rating model with technical analysis factors to predict an ETFs potential.

The Power Gauge rates over 1 ETFs.

"I've known Marc Chaikin for a long time. He is one of the most creative and insightful analysts that I have had the pleasure to work with. His willingness to cross disciplines makes his work particularly interesting and useful and he is still raising the bar when most analysts at his career stage are resting on their laurels."

- John Bollinger, CFA, CMT

Decades of Knowledge Packed Into A Powerful System

During Marc Chaikin’s career, it was evident to him that Wall Street had a clear advantage over individuals. They had all the information at their fingertips… Teams of analysts at their every beck and call… and the best and brightest to spearhead their research.

They had the complete story for each and every company and individuals simply did not… That all changed with the Power Gauge.

It accounts for a company’s fundamentals AND technicals…

Here are the 20 factors of the power gauge rating explained in detail:


A stock’s net free cash flow relative to its Market Cap for the latest quarter.
Total long-term debt divided by total common equity, for the latest quarter.
Income available to common shareholders as a percentage of average common equity for the past five years.
The ratio of a stock’s Market Cap plus long-term debt divided by sales, over the past 12 months.
The ratio of a stock’s current price divided by its book value per share, as of the latest quarter.


Chaikin Money Flow is a technical indicator that calculates the buying pressure or selling pressure for a stock.
The 42-day change in divergence from the stocks 200-day exponential average (DEMA).
The ratio of a stock’s 30-day versus its 90-day average volume.
The ratio of a stock’s closing price to its 200-day exponential average (DEMA).
A stock’s six-month price performance versus the S&P500.


The weighted average of the last 3 to 5 years growth in earnings per share.
The EPS percentage change over the trailing 12 months.
The weighted average of recent quarterly EPS surprises.
The ratio of a stock’s current price divided by its earnings per share, as of the latest quarter.
The consistency of EPS over recent and projected fiscal years.


The six-month performance of a stock’s industry versus the market.
The net shares of a stock purchased by company insiders over the past six months.
Percentage of a stock’s outstanding shares that investors have sold short but not yet covered or closed out.
13-week change, mean analyst EPS estimate for the next fiscal year.
The four-week change in a stock’s average analyst rating.

Over the years, Marc learned which factors the “smart money” pays close attention to before making any buy or sell decision. He took those factors… and put them into the Power Gauge system.

On Wall Street, it’s common knowledge that fundamentals tell you what is considered a “good buy” and the tell you when the best time may be.. But no one should be 100% committed to a fundamental OR technical approach… and that’s what makes the Power Gauge system so special.

The Power Gauge rating accounts for fundamentals and technicals

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