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Every publication that we offer comes with access to the Power Gauge rating system for over 5,000 stocks and 2,300 ETFs. Publications that include more advanced features of the Power Gauge will be notated below…

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“Quite honestly, this is hands down the most amazing system that I’ve ever seen. You’ve brought a new excitement back into my trading. Keep up the good work. Also, I’m in the process of canceling some of my other subscriptions and it feels great. Chaikin is a perfect fit.”

- Greg W.

Editor: Marc Chaikin

Publishes: Fourth Thursday

Retail: $5,000 per year

Primary Assets Covered:
Small to Mid Cap

Power Gauge Investor is a way for everyday investors to level the playing field with Wall Street big shots… thanks to the help of Marc’s proprietary “Power Gauge” system.

Using this system, Marc Chaikin and his team start by analyzing the entire universe of U.S. stocks each month.

Then, based on the list of top opportunities that the Power Gauge system uncovers, they’ll handpick the No. 1 stock to recommend to Power Gauge Investor subscribers… focusing on the best chances to double or triple their money in the long run.

This newsletter is delivered on the 4th Thursday of each month, includes Power Gauge Analytics system features, Market Insights, PowerFeed, and tracked model portfolios.

Editor: Pete Carmasino

Publishes: First Thursday

Retail: $5,000 per year

Primary Assets Covered:
Mid to Large Cap with Personality Changes

In Chaikin PowerTactics, Marc Chaikin leverages his secret weapon… Pete Carmasino.

Inside each issue, Pete looks for hidden signals in the Power Gauge to find trading opportunities before they’ve made big moves.

These include investigating and acting on stocks with ratings of Neutral+ and Neutral- in the Power Gauge.

This “tactical” approach was specifically designed to capitalize on the lesser-known aspects of the Power Gauge… And in the end, these opportunities will help you grow your wealth over the long run.

This newsletter is delivered on the 1st Thursday of each month, includes Power Gauge Analytics system features, Pete’s Watchlist videos, Market Insights, PowerFeed, and a tracked model portfolio.

Editor: Briton Hill

Publishes: Second Thursday

Retail: $5,000 per year

Primary Assets Covered:
Call Options

In Chaikin PowerTrader, The Chaikin team brings options trading to the Power Gauge… focusing on a specific style of call strategy that’s designed to provide “asymmetric results”.

This means the potential for unlimited upside with fixed risk to the downside at the beginning of each trade.

It might sound complicated, but with the Power Gauge and the “Power Trade” signal, nearly every investor can take advantage of this new Chaikin Analytics strategy.

This newsletter is delivered on the 2nd Thursday of each month, includes Power Gauge Analytics system features, Market Insights, PowerFeedand a tracked model portfolio.

"I am a recent member... My strategy using the Chaikin Power Gauge has worked through this turbulent market... I am completely satisfied. My returns have advanced my portfolio with the market, protected the down swings, and paid for my membership!"

- Chaikin Analytics Subscriber
Market Insights Logo

Editor: Marc Chaikin

Publishes: Second Monday

Retail: $999 per year

Primary Assets Covered:
Small to Large Cap, Industry Groups, & Broader Market

For almost the entirety of the last decade, Marc Chaikin has sent a select group of individuals his exclusive Market Insights newsletter.

Inside of each monthly issue, Marc gives you his in-depth perspective on how to navigate Wall Street, approach current market conditions, where to look for opportunities, and which areas of the market to avoid.

If you are ready to power up your investing knowledge and research, look no further. Each issue is packed with screening insights, sector and trend assessments, ideas, and more.

This newsletter is delivered on the 2nd Monday of each month, includes a lite version of Power Pulse features, and PowerFeed. It DOES NOT tracked model portfolios.

Editor: Marc Chaikin

Publishes: Third Thursday

Retail: $199 per year

Primary Assets Covered:
Mid to Large Cap

In Power Gauge Report, Marc Chaikin and his team will use the one-of-a-kind ‘Power Gauge’ system to form a list of top opportunities each month.

Then, they’ll handpick the No. 1 mid- or large- cap stock recommendation with the potential to make you three to five times your money.

This newsletter is delivered on the 3rd Thursday of each month, includes PowerFeed, and tracked model portfolios.

Publishes: Monday - Friday

Retail: FREE

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Receive daily market updates, sector tracking, in-depth industry analysis, earnings updates, and actionable ideas via our Chaikin PowerFeed newsletter.

"[I've] gained $50,000 in previous losses back by utilizing the Power Gauge Report and the Power Gauge system."

- Chaikin Analytics Subscriber

Want Access to the Power Gauge Features Only?

Retail: $5,000 per year

Chaikin Analytics Platform Features

Get access to all of the Chaikin Power Gauge features that can help you make quicker, more reliable buy or sell decisions. Features include clear and concise charting with proprietary Chaikin indicators, screening, earnings information, e-mail alerts, and more! ETF Comparison is included when you access all of Chaikin Analytics features.

This includes a bonus subscription to Chaikin Market Insights and PowerFeed.

Retail: $200 per year

Power Pulse Premium Features

With Power Pulse Premium features, you can get a Power Gauge rating for over 5,000 different stocks. Inside, the system gives you a “Bullish”, “Neutral” or “Bearish” rating and a 20-factor breakdown. Create your own lists of stocks and get e-mail alerts for rating changes, earning surprises, and estimate revisions.

This includes Chaikin PowerFeed.

Please note: In September 2023, we unified our newsletters and legacy standalone applications like Power Pulse and Power Pulse Premium. At this time, we merged the features from those two apps into a single experience. Depending on your access level, you’ll automatically see them.


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