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Manage Risk, Find Winners, and Protect Your Portfolio with Chaikin Analytics!

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Instantly See Where a Stock Is Headed

At the core of everything in Chaikin Analytics is the Chaikin Power Gauge stock rating. It’s a 20-factor model that identifies BULLISH stocks and BEARISH stocks.

The Chaikin Power Gauge rating does the heavy lifting for you by instantly combining fundamental, technical, and sentiment data. It replaces hours of painstaking analysis with a simple rating.

“2017 Award Winner for Best Trading Ideas Platform”

– Benzinga Fintech Awards

“1 of the 2 Top Websites for Quantitative Stock Analysis”

– Barron’s

Get “Done-For-You” Stock Research

Chaikin Analytics

Get everything you need to make a quick, reliable buy/sell decision on one chart.

Clear, concise charting displays feature proprietary Chaikin indicators.

The intraday chart gives an up-to-the-minute snapshot of today’s trading activity. The Intraday Alert Message indicates the conditions triggering today, e.g. “Gap up at open on high volume.”

Earnings information helps you find timely ideas before upcoming earnings reports, and if a stock is likely to beat or miss estimates.

Includes 1-click idea hotlists and the Chaikin Discovery Engine… like Pandora for stocks!

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"Chaikin Analytics delivers something that very few software tools do. The ability to have superb charting capabilities, but also Marc's proprietary algorithms not found in standard charting software.

I highly recommend Chaikin Analytics to anyone looking to gain the edge needed for trading success"
Tom Gentile
Editor, Power Profit Trades
Couldn’t Be Happier! I recently met one of our readers, who had purchased Chaikin Analytics after watching your presentation to Mauldin Economics viewers.

He has already recouped his investment, via your options feature, and he couldn’t be happier with the service…
Ed Dagastino
Ed D'Agostino
Publisher, Mauldin Economics

Generate the Best Ideas for Any Investing/Trading Style

For Investing:

The Chaikin Stock Screener


Find the best stocks for your investing style using technical and fundamental criteria in combination with Chaikin Power Gauge ratings and factors.

The Global Filter allows you to exclude certain stocks from your search criteria based on minimum price, liquidity, market capitalization criteria, and optionable status.

Build and save custom screener criteria for later use.

For Trading:

OptionsPlay™— Options for the Rest of Us

Auto-generate option strategy ideas using risk/reward and probability.

Toggle through 4 interactive panels to fine-tune your options strategy, or set your own investment/risk limits and find the strategy to match.

OptionsPlay automatically populates a simulated trade ticket with information about your selected strategy, for you to enter into your trading system.

For Stock Discovery:

Personalized Stock Ideas


Spend less time hunting for stock ideas!

Input a stock, and Chaikin Stock Discovery analyzes the stock universe to find you similar stock ideas.

Use it to quickly find similar bulls or bears, stocks with similar technicals, stocks with similar or better Chaikin Power Gauge ratings, and much more!

Chaikin Analytics Trading Tip

Chaikin makes it easy to quickly find “Classic Bulls!”

Finding Bulls
Finding Bulls Power Gauge Rating
Finding Bulls -- Upward price trend
Finding Bulls -- Money Flow
Finding Bulls -- Performance

Eliminate “Information Overload”

ETF Investing, Made Simple

Easily find and compare ETFs side-by-side

ETF Rating

The ETF Comparison page lets you easily find and compare ETFs side-by-side in terms of performance, Chaikin Power Bar, and other key statistics.

Stay ahead of industry shifts and track sector rotation—see which sectors are currently bullish or bearish.

Drill down on ETFs to see them ranked by the Chaikin Power Gauge ratings of their stock composition.

Protect Your Portfolio

Spot trouble before your stocks crater


Evaluate the health of your entire portfolio in seconds with a 1-click Portfolio Health Check.

Spot trouble in your long-term investments ahead of price movements with automated Chaikin Sell Signals.

Set personalized Stock Alert Emails and get alerted to critical buy and sell alerts on your stock list, customized to the types of alerts you want to see.

Expert Advice From the Pros

Insightful Newsletters Delivered Weekly

Chaikin Insights Newsletters
Chaikin Insights
You Chaikin Analytics membership contains newsletter content written by our team of experts, delivered periodically throughout the week and month.

Who Uses Chaikin Analytics?

Novice Trader


Expert Trader


Long Term Trader

Long Term Investors

Short Term Trader

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Financial Advisors

Money Managers

Money Managers

What’s included in Chaikin Analytics

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A Directional Edge

Unlock the powerful, proven Chaikin Power Gauge rating—a remarkably accurate indicator of where a stock is headed over the next 3 to 6 months.

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Clear, Concise Displays

Detailed stock charting that includes proprietary Chaikin indicators. Including dynamically updated Intraday charting!

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Find Ideas Easily

Built in Stock Screener to instantly find stocks that match your investing strategy.

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Earnings Enhancements

Earnings Alerts help you find timely ideas before upcoming earnings reports and if a stock is likely to beat or miss estimates.

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Discover New Stock Ideas

Spend less time hunting for stock ideas with the new “Stock Discovery” feature from Chaikin Analytics, which automatically finds stock ideas based on any identified stock symbol or company.

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Sector & ETF View

Stay ahead of industry shifts with the Sector & ETF Performance View.

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Curated Stock Lists

Quickly scan over 5,000 stocks & ETFs. Includes dozens of prescreened stock lists.


Create high-probability options strategies, quickly and easily.

Manage Risk, Find Winners, and Protect Your Portfolio with Chaikin Analytics!

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