"...I learned a long time ago not to be on the other side of a Chaikin trade." - Jim Cramer, Mad Money 1/30/2018

“Chaikin Analytics’ model is the best: used at my old hedge fund!” - Jim Cramer

thumb_01_60_60John Mauldin

Financial Expert & Chairman of Mauldin Economics

"My analysts are enthusiastic users of Chaikin Analytics and use it to analyze the trades and recommendations of our writing team, giving them feedback and insight into their own ideas.

Marc's system has been integrated into our routine due-diligence process for vetting and evaluating potential investments.”

thumb_02_60_60 John F. Carter

CEO & President, Simpler Trading

"There's a lot of hyped-up tools out there, but a single tool that combines 20 fundamental AND technical factors to anticipate a stock's profit potential got my attention.

It's called the Chaikin Power Gauge Stock Rating... At first glance I thought this looked like an objective 'awesome meter' for stocks."

thumb_01_60_60Ed D'Agostino

Publisher, Mauldin Economics

"Couldn’t Be Happier! I recently met one of our readers, who had purchased Chaikin Analytics after watching your presentation to Mauldin Economics viewers. He has already recouped his investment, via your options feature, and he couldn’t be happier with the service…

He proceeded to explain to other readers in the room how valuable he has found your system—to the point where they are asking me how they can subscribe!”

thumb_03_60_60 Tom Gentile

Editor, Power Profit Trades

"Chaikin Analytics delivers something that very few softwares tools do. The ability to have superb charting capabilities, but also Marc's proprietary algorithms not found in standard charting software.

I highly recommend Chaikin Analytics to anyone looking to gain the edge needed for trading success"

"I netted 17,408 profit this morning."

"I just wanted to thank you both for your work with Chaikin Analytics. I have found more success in the past two weeks using Chaikin than I have had the rest of the year. Last week made money on RF calls, QCOM puts, XUE stock, and others. But, I had the biggest winner of the year today on Yelp earnings (based on Marc's Bearish play of the week). I bought 3 different puts strikes, risking $7,168 and netted 17,408 profit this morning. Chaikin Analytics allows me to have a consistent way to view the market and drives me to make confident money making trades. See below from my actual account:" - Mike T. Chaikin Analytics Subscriber

"Changed My Life"

“I can’t tell you how happy and grateful I am to have found Chaikin Analytics. I found you through Jim Cramer, and that is a day that changed my investment life.”

- Alex S., Chaikin Analytics Subscriber

"90% Average Return on My First 6 Earnings Trades!"

"I had a 90% average return in my first six earnings trades using OptionsPlay and the Earnings Features.

All very simple trades. [Chaikin Analytics] makes the process fast and efficient. So, instead of getting bogged down in due diligence, I was trading.”

- Mark W., Chaikin Analytics Subscriber

"Making the Salary of a Neurosurgeon"

"I'm planning on renewing. At this point the program has made it possible so that I'm knocking on the door of a salary for a neurosurgeon (I have a friend who's a neurosurgeon)."

- C.M., Chaikin Analytics Subscriber

"From $235,000 to $1,205,000 in 7 months"

"I have been trading stock options for many years with not much success. On January 4th, 2017, I found your system. I started the year with $235,000.  As of today July 30, 2017, my net liquidation is $1,205,000. I would have not been able to achieve this without your system.

Your system covers all fundamental, technical, expert analysis, shorts, ratings and trends for the stock and market segment the stock is in. Your presentation of all these considerations is concise making it quick to arrive at picking the stock to play options with."

Ken H., Chaikin Analytics Subscriber

"Never in a million years... "

""I'm a relative novice to the stock world. However, I was able to exceed my expectations of return during my first year as a subscriber. After watching [Sandy's] 5 step method several times, I felt that I could learn this procedure. Thanks to Chaikin I absolutely love delving into the market. Never in a million years did I think the stock market would become my passion in retirement. Chaikin Analytics made that happen."Marie L., Chaikin Analytics Subscriber 12/20/17

“…institutional grade analysis as simple as typing in a ticker and hitting the enter key. Leveling the playing field between institutions and individual investors is no easy task, but Marc manages to pull it off in affordable fashion”. - StockTrader.com

Barron's named Chaikin Analytics one of the "top websites for quantitative stock analysis."

thumb_01_60_60Jose Batista

"For those investing in equities, this is a valuable tool to have on hand. It's an aid to both defense and offense in your portfolio. The reports, Portfolio Health Check and Market Insights are excellent drill downs into more detail..."

thumb_02_60_60 William F. Landy

"The workstation is a fantastic resource, whether searching for investment opportunities or validating research. I’ve made significant money with the Power Gauge Rating. This is a must-have for any investor, from the sophisticated institutional techie to the individual investor. Try it and have fun!"

thumb_03_60_60 Rachel Fox


"I needed a cornerstone - a staple in my trading that I could turn to for confirmation. I found that consistent confirmation with Chaikin Analytics. It turned out to be so much more: I've used it to actually identify multiple trading opportunities, most of which have provided me with amazing returns."

thumb_01_60_60Tom Lloyd

Author and Investor

"For those investing in equities, this is a valuable tool to have on hand. I am very impressed with Marc Chaikin’s analytics… self-directed investors need a very structured and easy-to-use system that will keep them out of trouble. That’s the way Chaikin Analytics was designed.”

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